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Music reunions

Jul 14, 2011 in Britpop, Music, We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

As I bid farewell to the UK, there are some things that I will miss.

One is, the amazingly awesome summer music festivals, that I never go to anyway.

However, I am able to watch them from the comfort of my own home.

This weekend, I will get to see, The National, Echo and The Bunnymen and Suede!!!!!

The latter 2 are legends in their own right and, let it be known, that I missed a chance in 1988 to see Echo, and have rued the day ever since, and have never had a chance to see them.  Suede, well they were just too sassy and British, to make it to the midwest, plus the gay-bashers would have probably killed them all anyway, for looking too well dressed and too bloody handsome.

So this weekend, I will rock out from my living room as I bid farewell to my once homeland.

With that I will leave you of an image of the newly reunited Pulp who played a gig in London this month.  I remember seeing them with my friends from IW in ’95 in Minneapolis at First Ave.
Pulp Disco 2000 Live in London 2011


The first day of the rest of my life.

Feb 15, 2010 in Britpop, Music, We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

Synth pop gets a BBC documentary.

I ran into Tim Burgess at a bar in Minneapolis once.

Jun 22, 2008 in Britpop, Music, We'll post whatever we goddamned want to



Not so fast!

Apr 16, 2008 in Britpop, Morrissey

Mozzer made it into TMZ (which is ten times better than Perez Hilton’s shabby site, IMO). And he didn’t go to STK.


Holy smokes.

Jan 10, 2008 in Britpop, Music

Morrissey is going to play Tehran.

Friday Night Videos – It’s grim up North edition.

Dec 29, 2007 in Britpop, Media, Music

 I’ve got no choice.  Greater Manchester is in my blood.

The late and most certainly great Tony Wilson introducing the Stone Roses:

[youtube -snR3ZY4Qjk]


We’ll post about Morrissey if we damned-well feel like it.

Aug 26, 2007 in Britpop

I’ve never held out hope for a Smiths reunion.  Well, not after 1996, anyway.  However, a great many ardent fans continue to harbor fantasies of sitting front row while Mozz croons over Marr’s rolling chords.  Adding another coffin nail to those dreams is news that Morrissey recently turned down $75 million to tour with Johnny Marr.  Andy and Mike could go fuck themselves, apparently.


All over Battersea, some hope and some despair…

Aug 03, 2007 in Britpop, Culture

News to me, but obviously not to others, Morrissey was voted second greatest Living Icon by a recent BBC poll. Only David Attenborough, noted naturalist, could hold back what slate-gray Britain is most known for; legions of alternatively shoe-gazing/skull-bashing Dr. Marten and hearing aid sporting youths peckish for lyrics referencing Keats, Yeats and loves both lost and imagined. The nebula from his supernova will linger for billions of years, for he speaks to feelings that will never die.

[youtube G-q7-lH8cbs]


Live Earth

Jul 08, 2007 in Britpop

The only band I’m interested in seeing.


Love spreads.

May 25, 2007 in Britpop

Brits in an oil field, undoubtedly bombed.

[youtube p1awmpBzvZ8]


Speaking of unpopular…

May 10, 2007 in Britpop, Energy, Middle East

Tony Blair is out like bell-bottoms tomorrow.  Right now his popularity stands at 29% and it’s all because of his fanatical devotion to being a loyal Bushie and dragging his country into a unnecessary war.  Blair out of 10 Downing St. could mean bad news for US debt finance operations.  Foreign ownership of US Treasurys has recently increased by $163.6 billion currently reaching a total of $2.141 trillion. Of that increase, 39% came from the UK, 32% from China (including Hong Kong), 17% from Brazil, 4.5% from Canada, 4% from India and 3.5% from Turkey.  If Cheney can’t kick Iraq into shape and get the oil pumping the rest of the world might pull the chair out of from under us and leave the dollar to dangle.  Sarkovsky being “open” to America wont make much of a difference to JQ Public when the dollar value tanks. 


The expectedly middle-of-the-road opinions of Morrissey.

Apr 18, 2007 in Barack Obama, Britpop

On Hillary, Obama, and Bush (plug your ears, thenthitive rightwingers):

I think that anything (Bush) say(s)…

Of course. Yes, I know. He’s a global embarrassment. Unfortunately, he’s turned America into the criminal nation in the eyes of the people in the Middle East — and in England.

And I think, in our guts, we know. America knows.

But it isn’t enough, because he is still there. He’s still there; he’s still functioning, he’s still beaming all over the place, and he’s still talking about caring about the elderly and earning a round of applause, and it’s a global joke, it really is. So, who would you like to see in the White House?

I actually would like to see Hillary Clinton.


Because, well, I’d like to see a woman, but the best president that I have lived under was Bill Clinton, even though he wasn’t perfect by any means.

But haven’t we had enough of the Clintons?

She might be better than him.

Well, that’s very likely, but nonetheless, haven’t we had enough of the name?

Okay. Well, Barack Obama?


I don’t know enough about him.


He is really good.

Mesmerizing, yes.

He could be president, and she could be vice president.

Well. [Laughs.] That suits me. Of course, it would be great to see a female president, but not just anybody. I mean, I think that Hillary has had her shot. She’s been around, she said a lot of silly things, and we don’t really want a woman for the sake of any old woman.

I know, like Condoleezza Rice.

Well, it would never happen. Because she has the sag of cruelty about her face, her eyes, her mouth. The jowl of cruelty. She has a Nazi face. But in England, of course, we had Margaret Thatcher as prime minister, and she was diabolical. So, it isn’t necessarily the case as long as the candidate’s female. But I think he [Obama] is mesmerizing, absolutely mesmerizing.

Well, that’s what I’ve heard; I haven’t seen him speak yet.

Oh, mesmerizing. I think he would really change the world.

I think, at this stage, any alternative to Bush, because he’s the embodiment of the old world. You should travel to the Middle East and see what people think about him. They’d rather have Saddam Hussein any day than George W. Bush… The truth about George Bush now is that nobody in America or across the globe has any reason, whatsoever, to believe anything he says.

Good gosh, when will the Mozzer learn to talk like a politician? Never, thank the wonders of the universe.


24 Hour Party People

Apr 18, 2007 in Britpop

Freebass, a band spawned by a shit-faced Mani, Peter Hook, and Andy Rourke, needs a lead vocalist.  I hear criteria are pretty stringent.  They’re apparently looking for someone with “ideas” which is a little hard to believe considering they’ve already recruited Liam Gallagher for some tracks.  Sounds like something I’ll reserve for a drunken round of purchases.