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Hate for breakfast.

Dec 15, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Islam, Religion, Stupidity

I was always a Home Depot guy anyway. But Lowe’s shying away from controversy is one thing. The people slithering out of their dank neocon caves to support Lowe’s are just straight up hating.

You’ll have to turn to Jon Stewart for the ultimate smackdown though.


Tribalism, still a forefront issue.

Aug 25, 2010 in Islam, Religion

That’s what the enmity towards Muslims in America today is. Tribalism. You have an Us, and a Them, and the rest is literally human history.

Except for the part where America was founded in the vision of radical Enlightenment thinkers who challenged all previous dogmas and created a new one with the highest democratic ideals. First and foremost was the ordainment of a country with freedom of speech, and thereby the freedom of religion. Any person who was born in this country or sworn in as a citizen is presumed to be an equal entity of whom innocence is first presumed.

This entire argument is an insult to all Muslim Americans, of course, but it should be an outrage to any U.S. citizen concerned about our Constitutional rights. I’ve been to too many of Ali’s huge family get-togethers, and seriously, those folks are about the good life like anybody else. Kindness and humility are the order of things. Whites, blacks and Hispanics also attend. In all the years, I’ve had one civil friendly conversation on the importance of modernizing Islam. And this was the perspective of the Muslim gentlemen whom I was mostly listening to. The rest of the time it’s, “How are you? How are your kids? What have you been doing that is fun? How’s the weather?” It’s plain bread, baby.

That’s how I see the Muslim center in NYC. It’s vanilla ice cream to me.

Don’t get me wrong. Like most organized religions, I find the fundamentalist version to be fundamentally incredulous and problematic. Yet I choose to back the Modern Muslims, who represent most of the Muslim population in America today. They’re your neighbors and co-workers, folks. You should be so lucky to know many of them.

If one pits themselves against Islam, then one will find a bundled stick. This isn’t really rocket science. If our country chooses to target individuals based on evidence of guilt, then we can break one branch at a time.

And the other branches will, in Ent-like manner, help us.

We simply must elevate our way of thinking, and understand what really is right here, and what is wrong. We must be better than our enemies. We must not seek to punish and castigate the innocent for simply being different, and there’s no cause more American than that.


The Bitch Speaks again…

Mar 26, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives, Islam, Politics, Racism, Where's the outrage?!?!, whores

Ann Coulter on O’Reilly factor

“If all Muslims would boycott airlines we could dispense with airline security altogether”.

I write this post (raised in a muslim household….i don’t prescribe to any particular religion)…. hours before I board a flight to Pakistan.  Yes, I know Ann Coulter’s wet-dream.

Who still listens to this ignoramus?

Yes it takes a dog-bitch-mother-of-the-antichrist like Ann Coulter to get me off my ass and come out of the woodworks again, after a long hiatus….

Using here logic, I would like to retort:

If all White Americans would stop sending their children to school we could dispense with metal detectors and security in schools.  (All the shootings from Columbine onwards were by white kids)…

Here’s the video of Ann Coulter on O’Reilly factor.


I’m sorry for this, Juan Cole.

Oct 24, 2007 in Foreign Policy, Islam, Middle East, War on Terra

Few have more important commentary on the Middle East, but I must insert this little knife into your back.

Crooks and Liars quotes Juan Cole refuting the description of Islamic fundamentalists as fascists:

Fascism involves extreme nationalism and most often racism. Muslim fundamentalist movements reject the nation-state as their primary loyalty and reject race as a basis for political action or social discrimination.

Mmmm, no. I’m sorry, but Muslim fundamentalist movements (cousins to our Christian fundamentalists) are stunningly racist. I mean, they’re just plain tribalistic to the core, and they’re entirely undiscriminatory about what factors delineate those tribes. They hate rather evenly all outside themselves. If you’re the wrong race, the wrong religion, the wrong orientation, the wrong sex, or from the wrong side of town you’re an “other” to them. They’ll make adjustments and band together occasionally for things like, for example, fighting occupying powers, but the contempt never dies.

I think it’s enough to understand that Muslim fundamentalists are about authoritarian structures, ones that are inherently anti-freedom and anti-democratic. It’s a no-brainer to conclude that America must never choose to become one, and as long as such a question is beyond the pale, America, The Idea, is completely safe.

Rightwingers started “Islamo-fascism awareness week” as a PR maneuver to try creating the idea that only raving racist goons like David Horowitz were really “serious” about the threat from the Middle East. “Liberals are sipping their lattes unaware that Sahid is coming to cut their throats!”

Yes, these are the people who have been wrong about everything in the Middle East for the past decade. Yes, you’re supposed to swallow that sausage whole on camera and post the video on the Internet.

I can argue nomenclature with Juan Cole, but we’d agree largely on the qualities of the beast and how to react to it. Listening to rightwingers, you’d think they were some war-porn fanzine club rather than human beings capably reacting to a threat.


America’s secret mistress-Pakistan

Oct 20, 2007 in Islam, Middle East, Pakistan, Politics

This started off as a response to the Infidel Sage’s comment on my post about benazir returning to Pakistan. But I soon realized that the comments and responses were getting a bit off topic from the original post.

I also realized that my comments on there were becoming a bit more verbose and maybe warrented a new post altogether. This is in response as to whether or not Pakistan is of vital interest to the US.

Why is Pakistan of interest to the US?
The relationship goes back to, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the Nixon administration.

The US wanted to open diplomatic relations with China, so Nixon and Kissinger,
courted the then foreign minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

There was some backroom dealings that if Pakistan could help the US open diplomatic relations then the US
would support Bhutto’s coup to become the next civillian dictator of the country.

So Pakistan aided Nixon in courting China, and in return the US turned a blind eye to the tragic events that led
to and included the terrible civil war and genocide of the Bengalis of Pakistan.

Every successive Republican regime in the US remembers Pakistan’s aid with China, and considers them a strategic

Another important thing to note is that twice Pakistan has been instrumental in the US dealings with
Afghanistan. Firstly, during the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, it was in Pakistan and with
Pakistan’s help that the mujahideen (freedom fighters) were trained and it was from Pakistani
soil that they carried out operations to topple the Soviet regime in Afghanistan. (the movie Charlie Wilson’s war describes this in further detail, apparently)

Pakistan’s reward for helping the US kick out the Soviets from Afghanistan was that they turned a blind eye
when Pakistan began developing the nuclear bomb (with US money).

By the way, it was these same mujahideen that are now the Taliban. Also, Osama was trained by the US in
Georgia, during this time. The Taliban used these same stinger missiles provided by the US, against the US.

After 9/11, again it was with Pakistan’s aid and assistance, logistically and otherwise, that the US waged
war with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It was the Pakistani locals who were the actual ground troops and
cannon fodder in the US operations in Afghanistan, while the US conducted mainly air strikes.

Another reason why the US is so interested in Pakistan is that it is the only nuclear armed Islamic
country (so far).


Caliphate in the U.K.

Aug 06, 2007 in Islam, Religion

From today’s NYT:

An international radical Islamic party that has been the focus of increasing concern in Britain launched a frontal attack on its critics at a carefully stage-managed conference in London this weekend that attracted several thousand relatively well-heeled Muslims…

…Why did Hizb ut-Tahir not work for the goal of the caliphate in Britain, asked someone in the audience during a question-and-answer session.

“We focus our work where we can get the quickest results,” said Mr. Abuzahra, the academic.

Which means that with a total Muslim population of about 2.8 percent the possibilities of a UK caliphate are approximately nill.