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May 17, 2012 in Politics, Welfare of the rich

This, as is the parlance of our times:

You know, it’s interesting, as an attorney, I spend a lot of time reading the libertarians over at the Volokh Conspiracy.  To a man, they purport to believe in the sanctity of contract rights.  During the auto bailout, they raged and gnashed their teeth when various bondholders were forced to take losses by the big unions and their lackeys in the administration.  Remarkably, they never have anything to say when a worker gets screwed out of earned pension benefits or health care coverage.  It’s as if the contract rights of labor are somehow illegitimate or second-class compared to the inviolate rights of the One Percent.

That goes to a very pronounced disconnect in our national discourse. These things are so often about values, and the values of people like Mitt Romney are built upon a foundation of privilege. You lose public services because he deserves a few extra hundred thousand a year on top of his $25 million annual income, but oh, did you have a pension contract with your employer that you worked thirty years to honor? Fuck you, hippie.


Wall Street confused, sending mixed signals…it’s not you it’s them.

Aug 03, 2011 in Crazy Tea Party People, Economy, Welfare of the rich

Wall Street and the Tea Party…what a relationship. Wall Street loves that the Tea Party wants to keep its taxes low and cut up all that troublesome regulation that makes them play fair, but then the Tea Party runs around doing shit like opposing TARP, holding the nation’s credit rating hostage and threatening a new recession, and choking off that government spigot that keeps the economy limping along (as opposed to crawling along, or rotting in a ditch along). What to do?

Ladies and gentlemen, some of you know a bit about dysfunctional, torrid love affairs where one day it’s epic bed parties and the next it’s dodging cutlery. *faraway stare*

So anyway, big surprise, Wall Street is now shitting its pants that spending is going to dip.

For months they sat around cheering on the tea partiers and declaring solemnly that the federal budget was just like a household budget and we needed “real action” on the debt in order to build confidence in the economy. Then, suddenly, when they got it, they realized that what they really wanted wasn’t dumb slogans but actual policies that would help spur the recovery. And that means looser monetary policy and fiscal stimulus.

So which is it? Has Wall Street really been sitting idly by during the whole debt ceiling debacle and has only now realized what it really means? Can they really be so steeped in the Fox News fantasyland that it never occurred to them until now that cutting federal spending during an economic downturn wasn’t really a great idea? Seriously?

Seriously, yes.


Why Grayson is cool.

Oct 05, 2010 in Welfare of the rich

Of course, Republican hate Grayson because he fights them with fire, but also because he did go to Congress to actually represent voters, the citizens who got caught up in Wall Street’s gambling binge. That’s why, because of Citizens United, moneyed interests can directly fund his opposition in complete secrecy.


Free markets for thee but not for me.

Dec 01, 2009 in Welfare of the rich

Grassley gets the nanny state:

GRASSLEY: For the first 16 years I made $3,000 every other year as a state legislator. Now do you expect me to live on $3,000 every other year? No I was a factory worker for 10 years and I was a farmer for that period of time and I farm with my son now. So if you’re trying to make a case that I’ve lived off the public tit all these years, I think you’re saying correctly in the years I’ve been in the Congress but not the years before I came to Congress.


Throwing good money after bad.

Mar 28, 2008 in Economy, Housing Bubble, Welfare of the rich

Ran across this anti-mortgage bailout site perusing the LA Times.

Propping up an unrealistically inflated housing market is wrong in so many obvious ways but it’s also easy to understand why Helicopter Ben and Co. are freaking the f*ck out.  Since we’ve painted ourselves into the domestic economic corner of perpetual expansion and maintenance of suburbia it’s important that we keep the delusion of limitless growth alive.  It also serves as a reminder of how capitalists view government; an obstruction when riches are to be plundered and a necessity when you need to be rescued from your own foolishness.


Welfare Queens (the one’s that actually DO drive Cadillacs)

Nov 09, 2007 in Welfare of the rich

Bernanke still has plenty of fingers to stick in that leaky dike. Thanks to Ben and Chuck Schumer, tax payers are facing the possibility that they’ll be assuming the risk for rich homeowners.