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Propagandist in action.

Dec 04, 2006 in Drugs

Whenever short on blogging material, I need only turn to the op-ed pages of The Washington Post.  Not as openly partisan as The Washington Times, the WP traffics in a far subtler form of propaganda, that of the beltway upper-class elite.  Their columnists regularly operate in the “wise old man” vein, handing down useful bits of information to us plebeian retards whenever we deserve some “insight.” 

One reliable technique is to give us mongoloids a friendly nudge. 

If addiction, sickness and community decay are concerns, then it must be said that drug legalization has failed as a social experiment — witness the massive problems of legalized drugs in other places (remember Switzerland’s Needle Park?)…

Yeah, remember Needle Park, idiot?  F’ing Switzerland, boy, don’t you know your local history?  That’s all you need to know about drug legalization to rule it out.  What, don’t recall that one?  Trust me, Kevin A. Sabat (speechwriter for two U.S. drug czars, dipshit!), I know what I’m talking about.

Actually, Switzerland tried a pretty stupid concept, in which they set up a public park where you could go shoot up heroin without being arrested.  All the drugheads hung out in one park and left the rest of the city alone.  Needless to say, it was a mistake.  It weren’t no Amsterdam-style cafe scene, shitkicker.

However since then Switzerland has practiced prescribing heroin to hardcore addicts and giving them private rooms to shoot up in.  They can’t leave with the stuff anywhere but in their bloodstream (if I were Dracula, I know where I’d be hanging out). 

Remember Needle Park?  Yeah, so does Switzerland, arschloch, but they still don’t fill their citizens with non-violent drug users, do they?

Sabat’s “third way” on drug use is no such thing.  He just proposes eliminating the discrepancy between crack cocaine and powdered stuff.  You know, the laws that meant black cocaine users did 10 years for 5 grams while white ones needed 500 grams to get 10 years.  Remember?

This is a joke, and a sad excuse for serious thought on the drug war.  The recommendation made is a no-brainer, easy to accept, but it’s couched in so many assumptions that it serves more as an effort to keep people from getting too many uppity thoughts about the war being waged on the American populace on a daily basis.