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Hillary did what?

Nov 02, 2007 in Clintonitis, Journamalism, Politics

I’m aware, as is about every organism on the planet, that it’s time for the wingers and the press to cuddle up and brew up more quasi-ethereal scandals against Hillary Clinton, but I honestly can’t figure out what the hell this article is about. It begins with a report of the Justice Department sniffing around donors, asking a Chinese woman if she was coerced to donate. Coerced? The woman said, “No,” and that was it.

Follow that up with several paragraphs about how Hillary Clinton has been playing it careful with donors, screening them and returning money to some citing “an abundance of caution.” Uh, okay.

In other words, there’s nothing new going on with Hillary whatsoever, but the Justice Department is bugging her donors asking them if they were coerced? Isn’t the thought that Bush’s “Justice” (slash Political Enforcement) Department is running around randomly investigating Clinton donors worth a “What the hell?” Wouldn’t a crack journalist trail that story further, instead of digging up anecdotes of people who weren’t citizens and didn’t get their checks returned and then titling the story, “Clinton’s Fundraiser Raises Questions”? We’re supposed to believe that IBP can’t keep track of who’s a citizen among their own workers, but Hillary Clinton is supposed to know from a check with a name on it?

Adam Goldman reported from New York and Jim Kuhnhenn reported from Washington.

Holy smokes, it took two monkeys to pull off this mess. They couldn’t have assigned a third one to cover the actual story here?