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The rationality of Bush hatred.

Nov 14, 2007 in Clueless Conservatives, Constitution, Politics

“Bush hatred,” was coined as a term several years ago to forestall conclusions based upon mounting evidence that Bush was not just a bad president, but one of the worst this nation has ever seen, if not the absolute worst. You could talk all day about Bush’s policies and politics, but the more evidence you piled, the angrier it was assumed you were. A forceful rebuke of Bush simply wasn’t considered suitable for polite conversations.

As most of you know, the charges that were thrown against Bush back then have mostly stuck. Those with “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” it turns out, were talking perfectly complete sense and identifying the early signs of Bush’s departure from America’s previously charted course. They were the ones actually behaving in a rational matter, basing conclusions off evidence and sticking with them when they weren’t popular.

Still, the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Berkowitz clings to the old ways:

Of course, these very examples illustrate nothing so much as the damage hatred inflicts on the intellect. Many of my colleagues at Princeton that evening seemed not to have considered that in 2000 it was Al Gore who shifted the election controversy to the courts by filing a lawsuit challenging decisions made by local Florida county election supervisors. Nor did many of my Princeton dinner companions take into account that between the Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, 10 of 16 higher court judges–five of whom were Democratic appointees–found equal protection flaws with the recount scheme ordered by the intermediate Florida court. And they did not appear to have pondered Judge Richard Posner’s sensible observation, much less themselves sensibly observe, that while indeed it was strange to have the U.S. Supreme Court decide a presidential election, it would have been even stranger for the election to have been decided by the Florida Supreme Court.

A sensible observation? There’s nothing strange about the Florida Supreme Court determining how Florida’s vote gets counted, being that this is an electoral system. Florida didn’t decide the election, by the way. Fifty states did.

Unfortunately the Supreme Court did treat the case politically, voting with party instead of principle. Were Bush the loser convinced a recount would make him president, the decision would have gone precisely the other way. Can anybody honestly argue that the Constitution could prohibit a recount?

Nope. If somebody wants to give it a try, bring it on.

Berkowitz, overlooking this, seems to have spoken irrationally in defense of Bush. That’s what true Bush Derangement Syndrome is…the ever present need to spin reality to avert public eyes from the disaster for this country that Bush’s presidency has been. Our country was once dominated by this mental sickness, but most of the country has shaken it off. Not Mr. Berkowitz.


UPDATE: Oh, snap, Glenn Greenwald takes the mitts off for Berkowitz- who turns out to be Giuliani’s Foreign Policy Advisor. This, as the GOP dives headlong into Hillary-hatred, led by Giuliani.

Some people just ain’t got no shame.