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Neoconservatism: A philosophy based upon science fiction.

Nov 17, 2007 in Barack Obama, Clueless Conservatives, Politics, War on Terra

I’m not sure if there’s a shred of rational thought in this paragraph from a reader’s letter to Andrew Sullivan:

I fear Obama/Paul, not because they too would suspend liberties, but because their inherent lack of aggression, their disinclination to use force pre-emptively, is more likely to create a situation that permits the horrendous attack, which then ushers in the new leaders who ‘will keep us safe.’ We don’t need nice people who will do the ‘right thing’. We need a man like McCain who will fight hard, cleanly but hard, and who won’t flinch. The best defense against an attack is to attack the terrorists everyday, to kill them and to make their lives so miserable and so difficult that they are perpetually on the defensive.

I think 2008 is a little too late for this comic book vision of foreign policy. How can this reader really believe George W. Bush has been tough on terrorists? President Bush II has been Osama bin Laden’s wet dream idiot president come true. I mean, that’s from a fact-based realistic foreign policy perspective, one employing clean reason as opposed to jingoistic sludge.

To this guy, I must say: Man, I understand you got the fear. Fear is a son of a bitch. We’ve all got our fears, but Bushism has given you nothing but PR slogans, torture, dead soldiers and many more dead innocents. Dead terrorists? Eh, you know. They seem to enjoy committing suicide for the cause and have great recruitment ratios (George W.’s face on a poster is all you need). So you gotta ask yourself what it means to kill a terrorist if it gains the terrorist boss two new recruits. Oh, and by the way, they’ve all received excellent training in Afghanistan and Iraq whacking our soldiers who get sent out to patrol until somebody gets blown up.

Is he really sure Obama is going to do worse? By what, not invading countries? By what, stepping down international efforts to bring in terrorists? I mean, what policy? What plan? Or is this simply manipulated fear? Is this a narrative sold to this fella by used car salesmen? I have to ask if this guy buys into the unspoken Republican belief that Al Gore would not have responded to 9/11 with force (this translates, of course, into not invading Iraq…it’s all the same to them).

In other words, this whole narrative about Republicans being tough and Democrats being soft has always been about Iraq. It clearly had nothing to do with the Cold War. It obviously has nothing to do with Clinton’s pursuit of Al Queda during the 90’s which nobody really cared about back then, since George W. Bush entered office and did radically less than Clinton (his eyes were set on Iraq and Missile Defense). What did George W. Bush do about the USS Cole? Excuses about Bush’s first months are the usual remedial treatment this stunted man receives. When exactly was Bush going to begin defending the country, eh? Is that not an obligation the first year?

Bush fans really hate answering those questions, btw. They tend to get really angry to make up for their purely irrational dismissal of George W. Bush’s colossal failure to protect our nation from Al Queda before 9/11.

If this person really concerned about doing something about Al Queda, the rational, sensible, wise choice is Obama. We’ve got to return to foreign policy realism. Drop the slogans and start doing some damn thinking.


Close, but no score.

Nov 17, 2007 in Energy

In the future, you will be able to shove a giant high-tech pump up your ass which will then begin to shrink your body’s fatty tissues thus charging a battery with the energy. This battery will power your car for 300 miles. Your car will emit no gases, make no sound.

In the meantime, we’ve always got the animals

Oof, my vegan girlfriend wouldn’t like that. But it seems she wants to be my ex-girlfriend as of this morning. By lunch I was wiping chicken grease off my face. I always cut the fat off my meat. Now we can make fuel out of it. Cool.