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Iowa sportsmen against global warming.

Nov 19, 2007 in Global warming

Anybody who has ever attended a Ducks Unlimited meeting or learned about catch and release techniques knows that those that enjoy outdoor activity in one form or another are usually way ahead of the curve when it comes to conservation techniques and rational environmental management and Iowa sportsmen are no exception.


The Bush economy; more dismal than ever.

Nov 19, 2007 in Economy

And you think the economy has problems now:

Merrill Lynch & Co. predicts either the United Arab Emirates or Qatar will cut their dollar peg within half a year. Standard Chartered Plc says the six Gulf Cooperation Council nations need to raise the value of their currencies 20 percent. The difference between the price of the Saudi Arabian riyal and the cost of buying it in a year using forward contracts has widened 10-fold since October as traders bet the kingdom will sever its 21-year-old link to the dollar, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

“The dollar peg is doomed,” said Jim Rogers, chairman of New York-based Rogers Holdings and a former partner of hedge fund manager George Soros.

Woops, George Soros got mentioned so I guess that’s reason enough for 25% of the US population to completely disregard the frightening economic consequences of OPEC producers decoupling their currency from the US dollar.

Heads up, crazies; your mission now is to figure out how to blame this on Bill Clinton.  You know you can do it!