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FOX News poll: Biden won.

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Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.


Ask an independent voter.

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CNN and CBS did and they handed the victory to Biden.

It is pretty clear at this point that Sarah Palin appeals only to the base, which is fine, but the McCain campaign can’t win without the help of independent voters who, unlike the radical right wing, base their voting preferences on criteria other than spunk and a “can-do” attitude.

Have you read a Republican blog lately? There are a lot of long faces, folks. They put all of their chips down on winning this election by flogging their boogeymen; Wright, Rezko and Ayers and whining about the “liberal media” and now that the playbook that has served them so well over the past two decades has proven inadequate they’re stuck with stuffing all of their hopes into an empty-pantsuit.

If you didn’t know it before then last night drove the point home; Palin is a “real” American from “real” America not one of those “elitists” with all of their dog-gone facts and figures and stuff! Don’t we know it.


Great victory! Sarah Palin didn’t drool on her cue cards!

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Anybody halfway serious knows Joe Biden came prepared to debate and Sarah Palin came determined to impersonate a debater. Rehearsed talking points, repetition of “reform” and “maverick” and “change” without any substance whatsoever…it completely failed to influence independents that she was anything more than marginally improved over her recent interviews. She was allowed to speechify and asked few follow-up questions that would have forced her to go more than an inch-deep on any subject whatsoever. “Doggone it!” “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” (Oh, I bet the debate team was high-fiving themselves for coming up with that one…pity she blew it), “What have I been at this for, five weeks?” “I may not answer the questions the way you big Washington fancypants want me to, what with your things about coherence and, um, answering the questions…” “Hey I love that question, let me talk about taxes instead!” Facts? Nowhere to be found.

Naturally, the right is thrilled!

Sarah Palin just field dressed Joe Biden like a moose. She was awesome. She connected with the people. She had fun. She was relaxed. She was awesome.

Hey, Erick Erickson: You’re an awesome idiot!

Michelle Malkin wants to join in on your idiot party!

First, I would like to see all the Sarah doubters and detractors in the Beltway/Manhattan corridor eat their words.
Eat them.
Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate.
She was warm, fresh, funny, confident, energetic, personable, relentless, and on message. She roasted Obama’s flip-flops on the surge and tea-with-dictators declarations, dinged Biden’s bash-Bush rhetoric, challenged the blame-America defeatism of the Left, and exuded the sunny optimism that energized the base in the first place…
…Sarah Palin looked presidential.
Joe Biden looked tired.
Sarah made history.
Biden is history.

GO TEAM! I must eat my words, because she was so bestest ever! She repeated the “blame game” catchphrase used whenever anybody points out that George W. Bush is the worst president in history and that John McCain intends to follow up with round three. BTW, I’m going to go rob a bank, and when the judge tries to sentence me, I’m gonna tell him not to play the blame game, and look toward the future like me! Sarah Palin managed to successfully read all her cue-cards without crying, so me go be happy now. GO SARAH YOU ROCK omigod so happy…

Jay Reding is serious big thinker, weigh in with heavy thoughts:

Joe Biden is losing this thing for Obama. He is coming off as a pretentious jerk.

Palin is not at all as polished as Biden, but she’s coming off as authentic. She doesn’t have full command of the debate, but she’s not just making things up like Biden has been all night.

All in all, this is a slaughter. Not necessarily because of what Palin is doing, but because Biden is coming off so badly.

Aww, Jay, you were all ready to throw your “Joe Biden was a bullying ass to Sarah Palin” party, and nobody showed up, but you’re gonna throw it anyway. And nothing spells authentic more than memorizing rehearsed non-answers other people provided for you. Those times we saw her talking off the top of her head? MEDIA FILTER. It’s only when Sarah Palin is provided with numerous crutches that we see who she really is. And she’s so neat!

Joking aside, the fundamental unseriousness of the right simply cannot be overstated. They have completely lost the ability to think, perhaps in solidarity with Palin. Sarah Palin’s performance tonight only compared favorably to her disastrous interviews. If she hadn’t walked in with a massive handicap, it would rightly be seen as a disaster. Those who have been worried about where George W. Bush has taken the nation and how to deal with the issues in front of us know Palin was simply unacceptable.

Joe Biden came ready, and without rudeness or condescension, drove home reality again and again. Palin was unable to respond to any of his rebuttals with anything other than repeating her initial charges. Well, guess what, Mrs. Palin? Children learn to say, “Nuh-uh” around the age of 2. Those in the White House need to do a little better than that.

Joe Biden had the facts, the judgment, and he had the middle class appeal. It takes more than a bunch of “Gosh darn” and “Doggone it” to let people you’re out there for them. He put up a wall that Palin could only perform antics in front of. Yes, the people that brought you George W. Bush were pleased, and I can’t think of any better standard for rejecting her 100% in November.