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Why it’s always worth it to see what those fools on ISCA are blabbing about…

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Good man WORF dips into Inside Politics> on ISCA to deliver a smackdown:

Ayers was a radical during the Vietnam War, he never killed anyone and he spent
time in jail. In the time since he’s gone on to become a college professor and
work against poverty and increasing school funding.

Obama and Ayers both served on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago which
works with non-profit organizations to help reduce local poverty. It’s been
around since 1941. They also both served on the board of the Chicago Annenberg
Challenge which is a non-profit that gives grants to schools.

Now, if you do not believe that working to reduce poverty and increase private
grant money to schools is a good thing, then feel free to condemn Obama for
those efforts.

If you do not believe that a man (Ayers) who has gone through the justice
system can be rehabilitated (the point of the justice system after all) but is
instead forever marred by his illegal actions then feel free to condemn him.

If you believe that one should forgo working for educational funding and
working against poverty simply because someone else who once committed a crime
is also working for the same thing, then feel free to condemn Obama for it.

But if you do all these things, then you will also need to condemn McCain for
supporting his wife’s illegal drug habit and continuing his close association
with a lawbreaker. You’ll also need to condemn Palin for continuing her close
association with a convicted criminal (editor’s note: and Alaskan secessionist),
since Todd Palin has a DUI.

…unless of course you are applying different standards.

I’d also add that if you believe all of those things, don’t check any variety of “Christian” on any questionnaire that asks you your religion. “WWJD” is clearly the last thing on your mind if you’re talking about Barack Obama and Ayers. Obama served on a board that distributed money to schools, that’s his “palling around with terrorists!” the intellectually depraved Sarah Palin spouts (although you must forgive her, for she knows not what she says). She’s so tough, she’s not afraid to run from the press. If anybody shouldn’t be casting the first stone, it’s her.


Meanwhile, in Republican la-la land.

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In their stampede to blame the recent financial meltdown on LIBRULZ these guys can’t decide whether they think that regulations are good, bad, who was for them or who was against them:

We as a group elected people who through social intervention created a market that required this crisis to take place. Dodd, Kennedy, Frank, Watt and the others represent the just the latest in a long line of social engineers that stretch back over 60 years.

They have busily shaped markets with regulations. They created one through the GSEs and the CRA and its subsequent legislation. The market just took advantage of it as it will always naturally do. Now when you tamper with markets they tend to fail eventually. This one did. Then a number of so called ‘fiscal conservatives’ in and out of office wanted to get laissez faire on the market’s ass. Where were they when it was happening?

I challenge anybody to try and make sense out of this horse-shit. Sharon thinks that modifying a bailout plan so that tax-payers pay less for the private profits of hedge-fund jockeys is anti-capitalistic and pgwarner thinks that the market takes advantage of legislative circumstances created by the Democrats. Is it any wonder that the voting public doesn’t trust these people with their wallets?

One more flip-flop from the Straight Talk Express.

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Faced with the reality that he can’t win an election on the issues, John McCain is reving up Sarah Palin to go and do his dirty work for him even though, if what he says in this clip is an honest indication, he doesn’t believe what she is saying. Wingers are drooling over the prospect of running the type of smear-campaign that they’ve grown accustomed to over the past twenty years but it seems more likely to backfire. If they start whipping up Ayers/Wright hysteria they risk inflating the same type of bubble that brought down Palin. Disappointment would have been significantly less had the McCain campaign not over-inflated people’s expectations of her because once she veered off of the Matt Scully script she looked like a rube or, as they say in Texas, all hat and no saddle. This campaign has two more debates to go and when the public watches Barack Obama in front of the key-lights they will not see an AK-47 toting terrorist like the dittoheads hope they will. The Ayers/Wright fiasco is an anachronistic fantasy dreamt up as a last resort by a completely bankrupt campaign.