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Don’t Hold Your Breath

Oct 07, 2008 in Uncategorized

The question Catholics must ask Sarah Palin. Conservative Catholics, to their permanent shame, will sell out their faith to people who think they’re pagans before they’ll vote for somebody who doesn’t think the Church’s position on abortion should be written into law. I have a word for Catholics who vote Republican – “Protestant.”

The last dying gasp of the McCain campaign.

Oct 07, 2008 in Barack Obama, Old Man McCain

Joe Klein pals around with terrorists!

Over the weekend, she picked up on an article in The New York Times, which essentially says that Barack Obama and the former terrorist Bill Ayers have crossed paths in Chicago, served on a couple of charitable boards together, but aren’t particularly close. To Palin–or her scriptwriters–this means that Obama has been “palling around” with terrorists. Now, I wish Ayers had done some serious jail time; he certainly needed to pay some penance for his youthful criminality–even if most people in Chicago, including the mayor, have decided that he has something of value to say about education. But I can also understand how Obama, who was a child when Ayers was cutting his idiot swath, would not quite understand the enormity of the professor’s background. (I got to know Alger Hiss twenty years after the fact–he was a printing salesman then, a friend of my father’s–and thought of him as a sweet old man, if a good deal more liberal than dad’s other friends.)

Joe Klein is tired of enabling John McCain. There is no more parity, no more half-dozen/six-of-the-other, no false balance. Nobody can respect him anymore. And nobody can be fooled by a campaign out of ideas, out of inspiration, out of purpose beyond senseless vanity. If John McCain had any honor left, he’d spend his last month puttering around the country being nice and hoping there was a softening of hearts towards his pitiful self. Instead, he hardens them with scurrilous and baseless charges. In politics, your darkest instincts are often the most counter-productive.