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End the war against (non-wealthy) Americans.

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Joe Conasan looks to the history of drug use shared by Barack Obama and Cindy McCain as parables to underline the case against jailing people and ruining their lives over drug use. Obama’s history is vague but widely known. Cindy’s story less so, though a recently canned (ghost-written) autobiography was planned:

But it is hard to imagine why she or husband John would want to excavate any unhappy memories of her Percocet period. Her battle with addiction included a series of major felony offenses in the early ’90s, which included falsifying prescriptions, stealing drugs from a medical charity she founded and underwrote with her family fortune, and inducing doctors and other employees of that charity to help her obtain Percocet and other Schedule III narcotics illegally. The Drug Enforcement Administration opened an investigation of her after a former employee, whose name she had used to obtain drugs, reported her criminal misuse of her charity. At the time, seasoned defense attorneys in Arizona believed that she could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on half a dozen counts (and that if her name had been José Lopez, she surely would have).

But Cindy McCain avoided prosecution by federal authorities. Instead, like so many other wealthy and high-profile drug offenders — and unlike so many of the young offenders Obama knew, whose crimes were no worse than hers — she was allowed into what is known as a “diversion” program. Rather than being sent to jail, she went into rehab. Now it’s as if none of those terrible things had ever happened to her — and why would anyone bring them up?

The only reason to talk about past drug abuse by Barack Obama or Cindy McCain is to point out the waste and injustice of the ongoing drug war. Both of them broke the law, repeatedly, by their own admission, but neither deserved to go to prison and no useful purpose would have been served by punishing them.

Today we spend well over $50 billion annually at the federal, state and local levels on a domestic war that has never achieved any of its objectives and never will. If either of the presidential candidates still believes that this is a worthwhile investment of our money, despite his own experience, it would be fascinating to hear him explain why.

Like Rush Limbaugh, Cindy McCain exemplifies what the Drug War means to the wealthy: unless they’re drug dealers themselves, nothing. With the rich and the famous, we understand.

Obama has expressed interest in lightening sentences and promoting rehab…probably as much as he could get away with at this point, but unfortunate nonetheless (obviously McCain is a throw-em’-all-in-jail type, except for people like his wife). Armed with a Democratic Congress, Obama would be a fool to not go further. He is practical, not so much ideological, and well aware that drug abuse requires real solutions, not totalitarian measures and submission to fear, especially when such measures are refrained from when dealing with the upper class.


Let the blaming begin!

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Paul Begala and Snakehead (James Carville) have an entertaining article up on Huffington Post giving the Republicans a few pointers on how and who to blame for the implosion of their party. They recommend starting early and shying away from blaming the Librul Media ™ and minorities.



The Midwest needs to stop electing people like this.

Oct 20, 2008 in Politics

Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann joins Iowa’s Steve King in a love of rationalism and fairness:

I mean, just don’t elect people who are batshit crazy. Is that difficult? Midwesterners have this odd reputation for being sensible, practical people. We can’t coast on the reputation if people like Bachmann and King are representing us.



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Now they can scan the electromagnetic emanations from your keyboard from 65 ft away to keylog you. Message to keyboard engineers: FIX IT NOW. Can’t have people scooping my Barack Obama love poetry.

O, ‘Bama, my ‘Bama! Our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is (near) won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring…
John McCain blows!


Rightwing radio racism update.

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On the way to work this morning, within five minutes on two rightwing talk radio stations I heard that support for Obama from Powell is all about race. “What else could it be?” asked Mike Gallagher.

It seems like Powell did plenty of explaining, but never you mind, folks. Let it be known that the surest way to get elected President in the U.S. is to be black!

We knew they’d let their true colors shine if it got close. With Obama in the lead with $500 million in the bank, expect two weeks of full-blown White Panic from the right. It’s what has kept them in power for 40 years…what do you expect? This is what they sell. This is what they do.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention listening to Mike Gallagher a few weeks ago as he talked with a caller about Obama’s conspiracy to go get a tan in Hawaii so as to appear darker, because that would appeal more to the black constituency. I’ve written a stack of bizarre fiction six inches high, but I could never write that.

UPDATE II: Matt Corley at ThinkProgress was listening to Gallagher too

$150 million. 3.1 million donors. $86 average donation.

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Back in 2004 when Joe Trippi revolutionized campaign solicitation by utilizing the web it was laughed at as a disorganized bunch of internet loons looking to waste their money on a long-shot, Far Left candidate. Today it is the most effective means of campaign finance. The most important metric is the average donation. It shows that unlike John McCain the Obama campaign is financed by normal, working Americans and not special interests or PACs. These people are voting with their wallets and they are choosing Barack Obama by a resounding margin.