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Why do videos of racist McCain/Palin supporters keep getting yanked off Youtube?

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[youtube vL20TdHjX2s]

Is this doctored? False? No? Then fucking leave it up you free speech hatin’ arseholes.


If they’re so honorable and decent, why do they keep acting like scumbags?

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And I’m not even talking about the latest convicted Republican felon, Ted Stevens.

Nope, Liddy Dole literally inserts audio into her opponent’s mouth saying, “There is no God!!!”

Her opponent, Kay Hagan, teaches Sunday School.

I’m an elder in this church, where the Hagan family has attended for over 100 years. I go on mission trips. I was raised going to Sunday school and church every week. And I raised my children that way.
* On Christmas Eve, we attend the 11:00 evening service, then early on Christmas mornings, my children and husband and I go to the Bell House and cook breakfast for the residents there. My family, my community and my church are the anchors of my life.
* If Senator Dole wants to pass judgment on my faith, that’s her right – but it’s not what my faith teaches.
* This is a fabricated, pathetic ad.

Good Golly, why would Liddy Dole do that?

Congress just had to bailout Wall Street, workers’ retirement savings are out the window, people are genuinely concerned about keeping their job in this tough economic climate, and Elizabeth Dole is trying to talk about ANYTHING but the issues.
* This attack speaks volumes about her personally and politically, but more importantly, it speaks to the lack of leadership she’s shown on behalf of North Carolinians. At this critical point in American history, why isn’t Elizabeth Dole talking about what she’s done for North Carolinians and what she’s planning to do if re-elected?

This is the Republican plight. Trapped in the corner due to bad policies and bad ideas, they have no choice but to resort to their vile selves, and hope that there are enough ugly (and amazingly gullible) people out there to fall for it. Every day the GOP shrinks and grows more pathological, shedding all but the Sarah Palin fan base, the closer it gets to complete implosion, which I will welcome with glee. Couldn’t happen to a more rotten bunch.


Just a friendly reminder…

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John McCain wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to lose the election (KEEPIN’ MAHH FINGAZ CRAWSST) if the press hadn’t been his base for the past decade. The origin of the tire swing for McCain metaphor was something I actually hadn’t heard before today, I just thought it was colorful. And let’s not forget McCain knew this himself


For some, the end is always nigh.

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Arm yourselves and baracade the doors and windows! The librulz are coming to take your guns away!