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Larry Craig: still guilty. Gay people: still not married…yet.

Dec 09, 2008 in teh gay

Not that anyone doubted the charges would stick like a dab of wet toilet paper to the restroom ceiling, ha ha.

But Craig is guilty of more than soliciting sex from an undercover officer in an MSP bathroom. He’s also guilty of being a hypocritical closet case. When he wasn’t hiding behind a toilet stall door, he was hiding behind a wife and a wedding ring, and opposing myriad same-sex civil issues, including protection from job discrimination based on sexual orientation, expanding the definition of hate crimes to include those committed based on a person’s gender and sexual orientation, and same-sex marriage.

So it’s fitting that his appeal to continue living his guilt-free, duplicitous delusions ends on the same day that the Iowa Supreme Court’s hearing about same-sex marriage begins.

These couples want nothing more than what any other married couples are given: legal recognition, and all of the rights and privileges that are automatically afforded married couples. A lot of quotes from same-sex proponents talk about “legalizing love”, which irritates me because there’s so much more to it than that. I love my partner to the end of days, but that’s not going to help either of us when I’m barred from visiting him in the hospital (god forbid), or when we’re navigating a legal jungle just to arrive at some rudimentary, officially-recognized level of financial interdependence.

There is a group here in Minnesota that took the time and trouble to figure out just how many different ways the law currently discriminates against same-sex couples. The answer: 515 specific ways, in everything from the big issues like inheritance, health care, and parenting rights to hunting and fishing privileges.

(I got over being surprised about the interests of other gay people the day I learned that there are gay Republicans…so joke about stereotypically effeminate men with rifles and fishing poles all you want, there’s just nothing to top that one for sheer cognitive dissonance in my mind!)

Opponents keep trying to tag this as the beginning of a slippery slope that leads directly to the end of a thousands-year-old tradition and society as we know it, but that’s a total line of BS. Marriage has evolved as society has evolved. After decades of Larry Craigs, celebrity marriages, and who only knows what else freaky straight people do behind doors–or in the Metrodome (seriously, what is it with out-of-staters in our public bathrooms?)–if the legal recognition of these six couples, and others like them, is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, I will invite the lot of you to witness one frail-ass camel!

There’s also the bogus religious rights issue. People are free to believe whatever they want. Their church can also believe what it wants–that’s not going to change, and I honestly don’t think it should (unless they really cross the line like the LDS). Those beliefs should not be codified in law that the rest of us have to follow.

-JJB Mpls

I’ll let a Republican win once in awhile.

Dec 09, 2008 in Disappointing Dems, Politics

Especially when such instance rids the Democratic Party of a cancerous crooked bastard like William Jefferson. The interest rates on keeping $90K in a freezer are strongly depreciative.


Abortion irrelevancy.

Dec 09, 2008 in Christian Right, Culture

At the risk of starting up a storm of emotional claptrap, I’m unimpressed with this report that women who’ve had abortions have no discernible difference in mental health long term than control groups.

I mean, it’s interesting, I’m just saying it’s completely irrelevant to the abortion debate. People don’t want to criminalize it because they think mothers will be depressed by it later, and the ability of things to depress one has no bearing on their legality. We have a right to do things that we may regret or feel depressed about later, including most of the things that lead to an abortion, even though that frustrates the godless priests who seek to control women’s bodies for them and punish frivolous sex with multiple babies, which is akin to shitting on your cornflakes to displace unwanted milk. I don’t need to be overrun by poor fatherless children adorned upon the earth via a misplaced crusade to reduce extraneous boning. I just needed a good woman who is at no risk of turning into such a crusader, thus killing my passion and casting me about in search of more extraneous boning, and so I was blessed. I imagine most women who have had abortions waited until they were with the right person to have a child, and that’s why they’re happy.