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Not only is Bush not a fiscal conservative but he was never a social conservative either. I haven’t checked any of the fundie blogs to get a sense of their reaction but I’m sure it can’t be good. Dear Leader just came out and admitted that they’ve been duped.

Grassley gone in 2010?

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Research 2000, a research firm frequently utilized by Daily Kos, has some interesting numbers showing that Senator Charles Grassley is vulnerable to a challenge led by former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack. Here’s a quick glance:

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 12/8-10. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines)

Grassley (R) 48
Vilsack (D) 44

Approve 57
Disapprove 36

Approve 55
Disapprove 36

Below the fold, Independents polled had nearly identical approval for both candidates making the numbers even more provocative. It also indicates that to unseat Grassley it would take the highest of high profile Iowa Democrats. Regardless, it’s a chink in the armor that I’m sure has caught the attention of both parties. Vilsack ended speculation just a couple weeks ago that he was not in the running for the position of Secretary of Agriculture and so his future plans remain unclear.


Continuous Republican hackery.

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Should have guessed it…I listened to five minutes of rightwing radio yesterday and heard about how the media isn’t saying Blago is a Democrat. Sure enough, Michele Malkin is on the case, and our rightwing friends respond dutifully…

John Cole, who has my snark but better research and copy-paster skillz, debunks this so hard every Republican who has echoed this meme should be issued a tampon for their bleeding rectum. The only question left is, “What can make the stupid stop?”


The risk partisan Republicans pose.

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Over the past eight years, Republicans have pulled every dirty trick in the book to try compensating for the fact that they sold us a lemon in 2000, doing so with such gusto and volume that they convinced the country to give it a second chance in 2004.

With the defeat of John McCain and the election of Barack Obama, the reflex of some Republicans has been, “Now we’re going to do to them what they did to us!” but generally Obama is winning the public confidence that after eight long years we will actually have a competent and perhaps exceptionally able leadership. Even more dramatically, that leadership is confronted with an economic crisis bigger than most Americans will have seen in their lifetimes. If Obama is able to negotiate us through the next four to eight years successfully, he will be fit to join the ranks of great presidents. Those who do not believe anything modern can be great must remember that U.S. presidents today oversee far more people with far greater repercussions, with more impact on the entire globe than the days of Washington and Jefferson. The failure of George W. Bush was compounded by the importance of 9/11 and our reaction to it, elevating his incompetent mendacity above the mere unremarkableness of most weak presidents.

Given that, we are now presented with the risk of diehard partisan Republicans who have given themselves their own Herculean task: taint, tarnish, smear or blemish the Obama presidency with anything and everything that they can fit into a subject-verb format. As Mike noted, within hours Republicans were trying to rub Blagojevich’s crimes onto Obama, even though every scrap of information so far reveals that Obama and his team had nothing to do with Blago’s schemes. How do you put a guy who says, “Fuck Obama!” in cahoots with Obama? Eh, easy. “I’m not saying Obama was directly involved, but he did come from Chicago!”

You know, Chicago. That’s where he served on a board with evil terrorist William Ayers, who barely knew Obama. And he chummed with Tony Rezko, in whose shady dealings Obama was never involved. And where he went to Trinity church, whose fiery pastor didn’t tailor his sermons for the delicate ears of frightened white America, who Obama had the gall to see as a good person. We have a new standard of evidence from our untrustworthy friends on the right: You don’t necessarily have to be involved with anything dirty now…if you’re thought of as “clean,” it’s enough to just know people or somehow work with people who are dirty, or who at some time in their lives did something that was less than perfect. Anything, anything that can rob us of this terrible idea that we elected a good man to the office.

The risk partisan Republicans pose is that they fear a successful and ethical presidency. While they’ll gladly defend a failed criminal presidency as being “not that bad,” they’ll eagerly turn any imperfection of Obama or those near him, or those who were once near him, into a grand condemnation of normalcy. For Obama to be even an ordinary politician, in their mind, balances George W. Bush being a catastrophic failure. The media, once afraid to point out the obvious about Bush, will gladly return to an era of pushing insinuations and inferences from nothing about a Democratic president.

It is incumbent on the public to note the difference, and understand the luxury of complaining that Obama isn’t Christ, or the irony that Christ was noted for his scurrilous associations.

The risk is that all of this noise will have nothing to do with Obama’s policies, yet these partisan Republicans will do everything they can to build a cloud around Obama in hope of being able to derail some of them, to put a straight face on while filibustering things America needs to return to prosperity. While Bush stands poised to get away with crimes related to how he actually governed, these Republicans are ready and willing to spend eight years talking about everything except how Obama will govern. Oh, they may disagree, but in the end they know they can’t win elections on disagreements when the public is against them.

The public simply needs to remember is that these are the same people who brought us Bush, who are still trying to feel better about having done so, who are trying to redeem their own terrible record by hoping to be right ONCE about Obama in the next eight years, so that they may usher in through that window all their transgressions.

Fortunately, I return in my thinking to Obama’s fundamental competence. While the fringes will never relent, the mainstream consensus will generally be informed by what Obama can get done, and how well he does it. The Mark Halperins will be there to make sure the media doesn’t get carried away reporting on Obama’s successes, citing his Limbaugh, but I do believe that in the end Obama will be able to get results and that those results will matter.


Meanwhile, back in the real world.

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Jobless claims highest in 26 years.


Big tent-Smart tent

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First off, Obama picked an Energy Secretary that, I know this sounds crazy, actually has some knowledge and background in the role he expected to fulfill. Secondly, it looks like people are as confident as I am in his choices.

Secondly, I’m happy to see that Obama has so far stone-walled the press regarding the crooked Rod Blagojevich and not given in to the demands of the pundit class. Those being that he hold a press conference detailing his participation in crimes that the prosecution specifically said he had absolutely nothing to do with. Since the complaint emphatically states his innocence, Obama’s team has something the wingnuts haven’t taken into consideration; time. Played smartly, Obama could discredit the Breitbarts and the Drudges even further by intentionally letting the scandal-mongers work themselves into a frenzy over what might turn out to be nothing. If what has been insinuated happens to be true, that those vying for the Senate seat were in on the investigation, then it would drive the Hannitys, the Limbaughs and all of the blogs that rely on them for their material further into irrelevancy.

David Axelrod bet on the Republicans using the same old play book and ended up winning an election. In my mind, the Republicans and cable news trying to relive their glory days in the 90s is a good sign.