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Good news: Mike’s eye surgery was less invasive than the video link we provided, mostly involving lasers. Bad news: Surgery is required on his hand. Good news again: The response to our micro-fundraising effort will help him meet the challenge.

I think this is a terrific story about the power of the internet. Leftwing bloggers like Attaturk and rightwing bloggers like Dana Pico came together to help Mike. We got some of the most support from our political “enemies,” and having Mike’s cause make a few bounces in the Republican echo chamber was advantageous.

Some people are grousing about Obama having Rick Warren do the invocation at his inauguration. They are right about Warren’s flaws. Intellectually, he is both dishonest and deficient. Yet I understand what Obama is thinking. In saying to Warren, “We can still eat at the same table together,” he’s saying much of what I’m saying when I pat my vehemently homophobic cousin-in-law on the back. And it’s what a rightwinger is saying when he puts aside the fact that you’ve called him an idiot a dozen different ways (and perhaps proven it!) and sends some money to help when life literally kicks you in the face.

It is a testimony to things deeper.