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Remember when…

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…voting against a war funding bill was putting the troops in danger, treasonous, hideously partisan? Those were days.


Get Ready to Drink

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Every time a right-wing blogger whines “if this were a liberal, they wouldn’t be covering the story at all,” take a shot. Those are the rules.

Before we’re all too drunk to stand, though, let the record reflect that Thomas Tallis does not care if every politician in the world has one or several extramarital affairs, with or without a Sony Handicam recording the proceedings and/or some friends from work joining in. “Sexual immorality” consists of any act where one party to it has not given consent (this includes child abuse, since, under the law and correctly so, a minor cannot give consent). Any sexual acts between consenting adults for the mutual pleasure of the consenting parties are 1) their business alone and 2) their birthright.

That said, if this dude has done any sanctity-of-marriage routines from the stump, it’s fair enough to have loads of fun at his & his supporters’ expense; if you’re pointing the finger of one hand at somebody for their “immorality” while your other hand is letting its fingers do the walking up a married woman’s leg, then you sort of lose the right to do much but stand still while the eggs start flying from all directions.

The ultimate proof Obama is going to institute the Fairness Doctrine.

Jun 17, 2009 in Clueless Conservatives

His FCC chairman candidate is against the Fairness Doctrine.

There you go, Limbaugh and Hannity…could Obama’s subterfuge be any more obvious!?!?


More rightwing hysteria.

Jun 17, 2009 in Clueless Conservatives, Culture

The hilarious sickness on the right persists:

How do grown adults behave like this? “He’s a verbal pedophile!” Really? Are you sure, lady, that you aren’t just a Palin fanatic who’s springing on Letterman mistaking Willow for Bristol (the one who did get knocked up) in order to play victim? Really, consider the disservice being done to real concern about pedophilia.

Bonus racist points to the guy doing the neck thing at the black woman.

In all honesty, this protest was a bust, with only 15 people able to muster this degree of insanity, but there’s been plenty of bustle over this stupidity, egged on by Sarah Palin herself. It said nothing about David Letterman, and everything about her and the cult of personality that has sprung up around this know-nothing fool from Alaska who seeks infamy with slightly less vigor that Janice Dickinson.