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Liberal media update.

Jun 19, 2009 in Clueless Conservatives, Politics

Have you heard a rightwinger describe The Washington Post as a liberal newspaper? I sure have. Then again, that was Brian Pickrell, who also described Scientific American as a liberal magazine.

Anyway, in case there were any illusions, Glenn Greenwald gives us an instructive snapshot of WaPo’s op-ed page, pointing out what many of us have known for a long time: WaPo is a neocon paper (slathered in Beltway Butter). E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson provide occasional glimpses of light, but it’s important to remember that the WaPo was one of Bush’s biggest cheerleaders, behind him at every step, offering more rationale for neocon policy than any think tank could have generated. And now, after some nimbleness around election time, they’ve shifted into chastising Obama for not being Cheney-rific enough.

Question: Why is it so hard for everybody to acknowledge the bleeding obvious, and just call the WaPo what it is, and note that they’ve so rarely been right about much of anything? Answer: As an instrument of power neatly honed to look respectable and intellectual, the WaPo has a formula that is desperately needed by much larger institutions, including the military industrial complex. In the end, they follow the same formula Rush Limbaugh discovered twenty years ago: there’s a lot of scratch to be made working for the establishment.


UPDATE: ROFLOLZ from Krauthammer, who is constitutionally unable to stop making things up:

The demonstrators are fighting on their own, but they await just a word that America is on their side.

Ah, yes, Charles! The fate of Iran hangs in the balance, and the people of Iran are looking to America, helpless without us injecting ourselves into the debate! Yes, if only the American government would speak up loudly and say, “We are on the side of the protestors, so back down evil Iranian government!” the battle would be won!

I don’t know if Krauthammer read some isolated quote that prompted him to decide this is what all Iranian protesters are thinking, but for people who aren’t neocons, who actually pay attention to Iranian culture, the absolute worst thing we could do is slap an American flag on the faces of the protesters.

Remove that linchpin from Krauthammer’s argument, the thing he made up out of thin air, and the whole piece falls apart. As usual.