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Ice-T does Mac tech support.

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You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!

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It’s time once again for “Wingnut Playbook.” When tens of thousands (that’s the conservative estimate) show up to protest a war of aggression, those people are dangerous wackos. But when pharmaceutical companies send hired representatives to act like Springer show guests at town hall meetings, that’s dissent, not transparently scared-of-the-actual-voice-of-the-people cynicism.

Poor sad wingnuts trying to pretend they understand what protest is. It’s like Pat Boone doing Ozzy. Technically, yeah, that’s “Crazy Train,” but it’s not what people liked about “Crazy Train.” Let everybody know when you’re capable to protesting something using any technique other than “shout real loud.” I’ll be over here with a century’s worth of effective leftist protest experience, laughing at how stupid you’re making yourselves look & rubbing my hands together at what the mid-term elections will tell you about your tactics.