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Deep thoughts on the mandate.

Sep 20, 2009 in Politics

We understand that it is immoral for health insurance providers to withdraw care once you’re sick after you’ve paid into the system for years or decades. Why is it any less immoral for somebody to opt out of health insurance while they’re healthy, if the government is offering financial assistance? If you can’t claim poverty, then what is your claim? All the while, the insurance industry lacks the overhead to cover Grandma’s hip replacement surgery.

Unless you’re willing to sign a form that says you not only are refusing to buy health insurance now, but forever, you shouldn’t be allowed to game the system. Otherwise, the system simply won’t be able to afford you when you come a’knockin’ once mortality raises its fearsome head.


The logic of outrage.

Sep 20, 2009 in Clueless Conservatives, Health Care, Politics

Jewish man reacts the obvious way to teabaggers using Hitler/The Holocaust in vain:

A week after his arrest, Gasparian was still emotional. He said he recalled his miserable childhood in Armenia, where, because of the war, some days he had no more to eat than a small piece of sugar or bread.

His father, drafted by the Soviets to fight the Nazis when Gasparian was just 1 year old, returned home six years later, unrecognizable, injured both physically and mentally.

Historical accounts say that a half-million Armenians fought for the Soviets against the Germans. Half were killed, including Gasparian’s two uncles.

“I saw Hitler’s soldiers. I saw swastikas every day. To call Obama stupid, even criminal — OK, that’s politics. But Hitler? It’s hurting to anyone no matter who is president,” he said.

I could see somebody having the same reaction to the occasional extreme comparisons of Bush to Hitler…if they hadn’t actually seen warning signs. I think what provoked this man’s outrage was partially enhanced by the substance of the issue. Obama is trying to get everybody health care. Hitler was probably in favor of public health care for Germans, sure…but he was also in favor of schools, and movies, therefore watching, “Tuck Everlasting” in the 9th grade is akin to the Gestapo showing people Leni Riefenstahl films (fit for conflageration, as seen in Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant Inglorious Basterds).

These are people wondering about Obama’s Muslim indoctrination as a youngster, ignoring Prescott Bush, Dubya’s Nazi-financing grand-daddy. These are people worrying about the government giving them money to get health insurance, who sat still while Bush waved away every constitutional right in the name of national security. These are the people who laugh and say, “Waterboard me any day!” while Bush crafted a rebirth for verschaerfte Vernehmung.

I noticed the article could only bring itself to admit to LaDouche supporters waving Nazi signs, but we’ve seen the Hitler stuff come in exactly the same doses from the teapartiers. They have put the Devil’s horns on Obama, metaphorically speaking, and now dance about at the discovery of the Anti-christ: The smooth-talking practical politician who sweeps up everybody’s hearts and, you know, like, four years from now we’ll just have robots hunting Republicans for food. Really.

Oh, wait, the Anti-christ is supposed to lead the UN. Well, some proposed it for Bill Clinton, so maybe that’s what Obama will do after the presidency. Darn.

The Hitler imagery is nothing more than devil horns. It really has nothing to do with the Holocaust, or any of Hitler’s crimes, or his subjugation of a democratic republic. It’s cheapening the Holocaust to the level where you just say it about any president you don’t like. Policy shmolicy!

If we get any Republican trolls commenting on this post, they will go for the quick and easy “ITS JUST THE SAME YOU DID IT TO BUSH BUT NOW IT REALLY IS THE HOLOCAUST BECAUSE I PAID ENOUGH TAXES ALREADY!!” routine, which I don’t expect to survive long in the comments thread before we utterly dismantle it and rape the author of his/her ambitions. It’s just noise, not reason. Reason is a Jewish person revolted by teabaggers screaming at how bad they’re gonna have it under Obama. May more Holocaust survivors speak out, while they’re still here to take a stand. And let’s hear especially from those who have lived under European socialized health care since then. Or the Holocaust survivors in poverty with poor health care in America.