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The public option is in.

Sep 25, 2009 in Health Care, Politics

We win the elections, we win the argument, we get the public on the side of health care reform.

Nobody’s told Rahm Emmanuel yet, but the teabaggers are turning off Americans. It became a battle of Glenn Beck vs. Obama, and America made a rather simple and obvious choice. Intellectual conservatives started defecting, and once again we’re looking at those low-30s Bush-style approval ratings for the GOP. That same crowd is staying stubborn, just staying Republican because they hate their liberal cousin who’s a pussy literature major.

Suddenly, we think we can tackle the filibuster, because scaredy cat politicians are starting to come out of their shells. “Did the Republicans stop saying mean things about us?” is their first question, but right before they crawl back in their holes they start hearing voters clamoring. “It’s okay to stand up for what we believe?” is the second question.

So to all the latecomers, the answer is, yes, it will be okay. You will win re-election because of the public option. If you’re Olympia Snowe, you will win re-election because of the public option. No Democrat in a red state will lose a race because of the public option. The policy has a firm grounding. The answers are easy to give. The opposition will still be talking about Commies. Serious retardation required to lose that election.


Best openar evar.

Sep 25, 2009 in Politics

Most accurate Glenn Beck impression I’ve ever seen.


Your liberal media.

Sep 25, 2009 in Politics

Republicans kick the ball and they all go running after it.