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What she said.

Sep 30, 2009 in Culture

Not much room to defend Roman Polanski. Whatever plea bargain he didn’t think was going to be honored, going on the lam isn’t a solution. Because they’re right to catch you, and then you have to be punished for running. Had he stayed, there’s this amazing process called an appeal. It likely would have been over and done with 30 years ago. He also had a recent chance to appear in court to settle the issue, and turned it down.

It’s unfortunate that many directors have signed a petition in Polanski’s defense, which allows wingers to trot out their usual anti-Hollywood blather, but I understand that most of these people like Scorsese are Polanski’s friends. Subjectivity is a bitch, and knowing that Polanski has walked a pretty straight line and lived a good life since fleeing is certainly somewhat reassuring. But he’s got unfinished business. I look forward to him being able to walk on American soil again after he’s resolved it.

Now if only those wingers were calling for Bush and Cheney’s arrest…


It might work. What the hell do I know?

Sep 30, 2009 in Clueless Conservatives

If this crap is how one can “take back America” (hint: notice how it’s ultimately about power? Do you see any real policy expectations from Republicans? If so, how come they didn’t happen when they were very recently entirely in power?), then I say Democrats just go one step crazier and snatch it right back.

Ah, dammit…I just realized you can’t get any nuttier than the GOP has gotten in the past year. And if you recall, they were pretty much off the hinges during the Bush years (hell, the Clinton years too). It was only being in control that soothed them. Then in 2008 they got completely bitch slapped by the voters and they went into denial. They’ve soared so far out into the wilderness, can one really be surprised that they’re convincing themselves they have a chance in 2010?

Some of the most prominent attendees told TWI that they had doubts about the president’s birth records. Rep. Cynthia Davis, a Republican state legislator in Missouri who has worked with “birther” lawyer Orly Taitz for most of this year, said that lawsuits demanding proof of the president’s citizenship were chiefly about the integrity of the Constitution, and that because Obama’s father was Kenyan, Obama’s eligibility problems extended beyond his birth records.

“Her credibility is questioned because she has an accent,” said Davis, defending Taitz, “and yet the reason she has an accent is because she came from a Communist country, and she knows how awful that is, to have a government usurped.”

Her credibility is questioned because she has an accent?

And people just think I’m balding because my glasses distract them from my hair. The lady was carting around an obvious fake Kenyan birth certificate.

I mean, how do we top this flat-out delusion? Start declaring we have proof Republicans are infected with brain parasites? That they reproduce asexually? That whatever candidate in 2012 is the grandchild of Hitler’s love child? I HAVE NO IDEA. The GOP has mastered the arts.

All I got left is faith in the American people to discern that none of this, not a scrap of it, is about policy. Are we to believe that all that spending under Bush was okay, including the TARP funds, but a stimulus package and a health care mandate given to Democrats in the election represent fascism/socialism/blahwhatever? (They can’t even keep their terminology straight, all that matters is saying bad things about Obama.)

The Republicans pretty much have one real opening in the next year, and that’s trying to sink health care. Except it’s already been long-held consensus that something will get passed, so the point is whether what gets passed is sufficient to please those who are actually interested in health care reform (not the GOP, obviously).

That leaves us with the public option, which is having a bit of a hard time since five of the worst Democrats happen to be on the Finance Committee, but should be able to survive the Senate’s procedural hurdles. If it doesn’t, then Democrats will be pretty devastated, and won’t view whatever “reform” emerges as being worth much more than the paper its written on (see: Baucus’ bill, an outstanding example of the worst of Washington and Democrats who get bought and paid for by the insurance companies). Then again, any Democrat who did vote yes has a solid campaign to run, and knocking out a few shmucks in the primaries could re-energize Dem voters.

Oh, yeah, and the prospect of a bunch of yahoos who belong in strait-jackets taking over the country. If the thought of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh being the most powerful people in America doesn’t get your ass running to the voting booth in terror, then what the hell excuse will you have? If we escape Republican rule, only to have a Republican minority throw a wrench into efforts to carry out the public’s will, can we really decide that the answer is more Republicans?

Can we really reward this Republican fugue in which they all became fiscal conservatives January 20th (while protesting cuts in Medicare, really)? Can we really reward unbridled rage, race-baiting, and an unrepentant retreat from reality?* Can we honestly afford the consequences of granting the people who have been screwing everything up for the past ten years more power? Or do we need to rebuke them once again, and get them firmly away from the steering wheel until they pass the sane-alyzer test?

I don’t think so. I think whatever objections people have on how to handle certain issues, they want to return the political dialogue in America towards sensible, practical conventions of discourse. We have real problems to deal with in our future, and electing clowns like this is like drinking to avoid dealing with the bills. Liberal or conservative, you know you get your shit together when the repo man is knocking.


*Check the alliteration, bitches!