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How RUDE of Maddow to point out Aaron Schock’s blatant hypocrisy!

Feb 14, 2010 in Beltway-itis, Clueless Conservatives, Journamalism, Librulz, Media, Outstanding Democrats

This is the type of behavior that gets you called “rude” and “shrill” by Republicans. Maddow pointed out that Schock was taking credit for stimulus dollars locally that he publicly derided in DC.

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The chances that David Gregory would have called out Rep. Schock on this type of hypocrisy is precisely zero. As he’s stated before, it’s not a journalists job to raise scrutiny over the claims of politicians. That’s why it’s always enjoyable to see an actual liberal on a Sunday morning talk show who isn’t deathly afraid of being thought of as unreasonable by David Broder.

Monster truck rallies and “state’s rights” advocacy.

Feb 14, 2010 in Politics

A recent monster truck rally at the Five Season’s Center in Cedar Rapids was covered by the local Gazette newspaper with this photo featured on the front page. Predictably, the comments section atracted the usual “it doesn’t mean what you think it means!” rationalizers. As one commenter correctly pointed out, the Confederate flag means exactly what it’s intended to invoke; the belief that state’s should have the right to legalize human bondage.