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But I thought it would be okay…

Feb 22, 2010 in War Crimes

Greenwald sums up the DOJ report on Yoo/Bybee et al:

That Bush officials have to cling to the harsh condemnations of Margolis as “vindication” reveals just how wretched and lawless their conduct was. Essentially, the current posture of the U.S. to the world is this:

Yes, we implemented a worldwide torture regime that we justified with lawyers’ memoranda that were false, wrong, shoddy, lawless, sloppy and extremist, but because those lawyers were such warped radicals, they probably believed what they were saying at the time, so we’re going to declare that we had the right to do what we did and are shielded from all consequences, even though we’ve signed treaties agreeing to prosecute anyone who authorizes torture and constantly demand that other nations prosecute their own torturers. Besides, we have important things to do and so we want to Look Forward, not Backward.

I guess we hanged war criminals because they lacked sufficient conviction? Ah, well. Our system is completely gamed.


How dare the president defy Rush Limbaugh.

Feb 22, 2010 in Politics

Picked up on this Limbaugh quote from a certain Iowa blogger who trolls this site periodically:

“This health care plan is being prepared in defiance. This health care plan is being revived to ram it down your throat and my throat and everybody’s throats to show us who’s boss.” – Rush Limbaugh

In case you’re wondering, that’s all the actual blog post consists of, just a quote from Rush Limbaugh. Aside from the dumb simplicity, it answers the question definitely as to who does all the thinking for these guys. From his doughy ass to their mealy mouths. But the quote is a good example of what drives Republicans. Any action by government seen as going against their tribal desires is described as an act of defiance regardless of who holds the majority. More than that, it’s often characterized as an act of treason by craven usurpers.

Health care reform deserves a simple up or down vote because voters knew in 2006 and 2008 that the Democratic party intended to enact real reform. Democrats campaigned on health care reform during both elections and it’s been a part of the party platform for years. They didn’t elect Democrats in huge majorities to sit on their hands and bide the wishes of Republican lawmakers whose only desire is to see Obama fail. They haven’t even pretended to be interested in suggesting any meaningful ideas that would help solve our countries health care issues. Jim DeMint expressed this sentiment clearly when he stated that health care reform would be Obama’s Waterloo. That’s not bipartisanship. That’s simple obstructionism. And every bill that has been proposed over the past year has been a dilution of a compromise and still Republicans are ready to rely on a procedural trick to block any and all efforts.

There’s a billboard in Cedar Rapids that says “How’s That Hope and Change Working Out For Ya?” Not bad for the person that can afford to erect politically charged billboards on the highway I would guess. But what bitter, well-heeled Republican advertisers fail to understand is this; voters aren’t upset because Obama is defying the will of conservatives and the center they unscrupulously lay claim to. They’re upset because he hasn’t repudiated Republicans and stomped on their heads enough.