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Liz Cheney on some bizarre quest to out-evil her father.

Mar 17, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives

Liz Cheney’s group: Obama administration doesn’t know he’s fighting a war!

Just reported: Al-Queda crippled by relentless attacks.

Being stupid and dishonest is some kind of badge of honor among rightwingers nowadays, so calling Liz Cheney and her stooges stupid and dishonest, while accurate, isn’t really going to accomplish much. What just strikes me as peculiar is how uninspired they sound. They really can’t handle the fact that Obama’s fighting a smarter war against Al Queda than idiot George W. and evil incompetent Dick Cheney. So they have to pretend we’re going to broadcast our deepest secrets to Al Queda in some civilian court, AND THEN THEY WILL KILL US ALL!!!

What this is about is a gang of preening ivory tower fools and a nepotistic charmless no-talent, all of whom gather their ideas about fighting terrorism from watching 24. A gang left out in the cold, trying to run in place to keep from freezing.

Obama could kill Osama bin Laden tomorrow and they wouldn’t change their tune. I’m sorry, but who among you out there can tolerate such hacks?


Okay, I promise to post something soon.

Mar 17, 2010 in Politics

Just got my iPhone yesterday, from which I’m typing this. Who can pay attention to anything else? It’s not like we’re coming up on a vote for health care anytime soon.