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Oil is finite.

Jun 05, 2010 in Politics

Dammit, I’m going to make the point! This is a little dose of Republican-style repetition. People need to acknowledge it.

And people need to explain to me exactly what they think humans will be running their cars on in a thousand years. Ten thousand? How can you claim any pride in your species, humans, if ye will not attempt to compete with the reign of the dinosaurs? They held the earth’s surface for hundreds of millions of years. This was just Dinosaur Planet for UFOs in the vicinity to gander upon and giggle at. Endless equilibrium.

We’ll be but a speck, albeit an extremely bright one, if we can’t start behaving sustainably.

The oil will never run out because it will be inefficient first. The effort to retrieve it will continue to grow, and the energy payoff in return will steadily depreciate.

This isn’t even a long-ranged notion. This is an event that is likely to occur within my lifetime. If I manage to die while there is still some oil left, surely my children will not manage the same feat.

One simply cannot begin this debate without acknowledging this plain feature of reality and modifying one’s arguments accordingly. Whatever the case of ANWR, any attempt to drill there would in time generate another depleted oil well. What then?

The BP oil spill upends the notion that humans can’t do great damage to the planet. We’ve been mauling the planet for resources and we’ve gashed some parts out of existence. Fishing stocks are set course to collapse within the next fifty years. Holes have been made in the ozone layer. Trash is forming its own landmass in our oceans. Six billion and growing creates unbelievable demand for nature’s remaining resources.

Oil is a blip. Buy the headstone and plot. “Oil, you made it all possible!” Say whatever you want about the Golden Age of cheap energy. Humanity requires a real age to rank with the Jurassic era. If you ain’t got a plan that thinks at least ten million years ahead, you ain’t got jack shit.


UPDATE: For those concerned about my lackadaisical attitude towards humanity, every moment is precious and every person is amazing (albeit in ways that are often mysteries to other people, e.g. charmless chronic liar Karl Rove).

Monkey grapevine.

Jun 05, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives, Energy, Politics

Limbaugh says it, Krauthammer tries to put an intellectual sheen on it, and Palin dutifully repeats it. What is it? The idea that somehow the Sierra Club, by trying to prevent environmental damage on land somehow “pushed” the oil companies out to sea. Thus, who should we blame for ruining the environment? The environmentalists, of course!

Naturally, this morsel is too irresistible for the rightwingers because it’s the classic trope of telling a Big Lie to turn the person trying to fix the problem into the culprit, when you are the actual culprit. Wingers need cover for relentlessly promoting hateful and destructively policies. The first ones they have to brainwash, however, is themselves.

It’s difficult work, however, and it sometimes requires, in a symbiotic way, somebody with no intellectual honesty whatsoever, Rush Limbaugh in this case, to give the unthinkable words, and suddenly fake intellectuals like Krauthammer become instantly afflicted with amnesia regarding one inescapable fact:

The environmentalists don’t want deep sea drilling either.

That was the idiot Republicans chanting, “Drill, Baby, Drill!” like zombies in August 2009. The Sierra Club and other environmentalists have, without a doubt, advocated for and endorsed a future where most of our energy comes from clean, renewable resources.

I’m under no illusion that this is really a unique point to be made. This is all so bleeding obvious and beyond debate that I feel stupid simply for spending time over such visible and tangible realities. This is like blogging on the earth being round.

Yet there these people are, the various brokers of power in the GOP following the lead of their party’s true leader for the past twenty years: Rush Limbaugh. People with power are saying this dreck. People who want power are saying it. People who want to vote for them believe it and repeat it. Yet there it is, such an imposing fact that none can survive against! We want solar, we want wind, we want tide generators, we even want safe nuclear power.

But I guess in this deranged world view, those concerned about the environment were supposed to approve of drilling in Alaska in order to prevent offshore drilling.

The other inescapable obstacle that a fraudulent blatherer like Krauthammer ignores is that oil is finite. The oil corporations and the GOP are going to be for drilling absolutely anything and everything they can, until the earth contains not a drop left. They aren’t out in the oceans drilling at unsafe depths because the environmentalists forced them out there, they’re there because there’s oil in them thar depths. No other reason whatsoever.

If these Republicans can’t understand these basic facts, how can they suggest to the public that they’re in any position to help solve the problems afflicting this nation? Problems which are the product of years of GOP/corporate collaboration?