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WTF of the next decade is a lock.

Jun 11, 2010 in Election crap

Holy. Smokes.

Personally, I couldn’t finish the first 1:30 interview, and made it 56 seconds into the second one. See if you or your friends can survive the challenge without clawing out your eyeballs!


p.s. Obviously, there’s shenanigans going on somewhere here…

This is also worth repeating.

Jun 11, 2010 in Politics

Sarah Palin resigned halfway through her first term as governor of a mostly empty state with fewer people than Iowa under a dark cloud of numerous ethics violations.

In reality, that’s called a stunning failure. We don’t elect politicians to make us feel warm and cozy inside, we elect them to do not just a good job, but a superlative one.

You know, I actually understand that I wouldn’t make a good president. I mean, I’d have my highlights, and I’d be wading into the place with a massive bullshit detector and an acute understanding of our nation’s fundamental problems and how to fix them. In other words, I could do a better job than Sarah Palin. Yet I still realize I shouldn’t be the president. Do the “real American” moms out there who see a little bit of themselves in Sarah Palin believe they themselves could also be president if they felt like it? If you’re not qualified, then why are you trying to put into office somebody because they’re similar to you?

Really, the Republican base is narcissistic. They love to look at themselves in the mirror and proclaim what they see as the only true model for a genuine American.

Real Americans start employing some standards for their leaders or else they better get used to sucking on the world’s tailpipe when our empire comes crashing down. After Bush, the biggest lesson that Republicans could have learned was, “Stop electing idiot screw-ups!” Alas, they just can’t help themselves deifying the next one.