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Obama’s speech.

Jun 15, 2010 in Politics

Why bother listening? He’ll make sense, but Republicans will filibuster whatever he plans and chickenshit Democrats like Blanche Lincoln will actually threaten to join the filibuster.

I heard it said pretty well on the Norman Goldman show today. The second a Democrat threatened to join a Republican filibuster on an issue central to the Democratic platform, Obama should have dragged that person into the WH and said, “I’m going to put everything I’ve got behind your primary opponent if you don’t vote yes.”

Obama didn’t do that and Goldman concludes that that was a hobbling moment for Obama’s presidency.

Okay, Obama wants to do something about clean energy. Democrats can run against the oil spill in the fall with a clean energy plan. Dirty energy Republicans will be left parsing their words or talking about the HITLERFASCIST solar/wind bills. They are so damn vulnerable anybody could beat them.

But just enough Democrats will chicken out. And they’ll do so knowing Obama will still stand behind them later. And they will feel no remorse, nor flash of regard for the feelings of the vast millions of Democrats who passionately disagree with them. So why get excited? It will be like everything else we’ve gotten from this gang of Democrats: watered down half-measures nearly killed to appease the radical right.
All because of some fear that an idiot like Palin or Limbaugh or Beck will say mean things about them.

We’re just going to keep sucking on our own fumes a bit longer. This country isn’t really ready to move forward yet. We’re too busy trying to bang Kate Winslet on the Titanic.