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What Obama should have said.

Jun 16, 2010 in Politics

John Cole:

“Those penguins pelicans coated with oil and shrimp that taste like wd-40? You stupid motherfuckers can expect more of that until you stop voting for assholes who oppose alternative energy sources and any move away from fossil fuels. Until then, I hear dental floss works ok removing tarballs from your teeth, you dumbasses. Also, this response IS big government, you teabagging shitheels.”

Really, as long as Obama keeps trying to handle this logistical nightmare as competently as possible, all the more incompetent our press reveals itself to be. They just seriously can’t handle the idea that we’ve fucked ourselves so hard that we can’t immediately walk straight again, mainly because we’re still getting fucked. The oil spill is spraying our faces like a neverending German scheisse video. And what is our press up to? Writing some goddamned D.C. Beltway soap opera where the nation languishes because Obama isn’t cheering us up. Never is it fully grokked that there’s nothing much to be cheered up by. Instead of a press, we have a frightened four-year old clamoring for Daddy President to make the bad go away with a smile and wave of the hands.

I won’t even link to Maureen Dowd’s piece of shit column yesterday, whining about how the Obama WH doesn’t respect the media’s dedication to reporting real news instead of gossipy snipey bullshit like Maureen Dowd’s columns. ZOMG YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HE DOESN’T SPEND TIME WITH US ON THE PLANE! WHERE IS PRESIDENT MCCAIN???

A lot of ink was devoted to the Beltway’s pathetic slobbering adulation at Joe Biden’s swim party. Yet can you blame Biden, or Obama for delegating the job of wooing the press to his VP (preferable to letting your VP do your actual job, ala Bush/Cheney)? They’re like idiot babes, if you don’t toss them some happy scraps they’ll throw tantrums and derail your good causes. The Beltway media doesn’t care if a president shreds the Constitution and plunges the country into economic despair, they care about parties and barbecues and being best buddies with the people they’re supposed to keep a check on. Inversely, the press will gleefully trash any good plan Obama has and do their best to write history against Obama if he doesn’t satisfy their endless neuroses. So screw it, throw reporters some Twizzlers and ask them about their kids. If that’s all it takes to get your agenda a victory in press wars, why not? You can’t buy somebody who isn’t for sale.


Tea Party Derangement Syndrome

Jun 16, 2010 in Politics

Sullivan in fine form:

The Bush-Cheney presidency was, in some respects, the perfect pseudo-conservative administration. They waged war based on loathing of the experts (damned knowledgeable elites!); they slashed taxes and boosted spending for their constituencies, while pretending to be fiscally responsible; they tore up the most ancient taboos – against torture – with a bravado that will one day seem obscene; and they left the country in far worse shape than they found it.

Throughout all this, the Tea Partiers supported them. So how do they manage the cognitive dissonance that two failed wars, a financial collapse and a debt crisis have brought? How do they deal with the fact that their beloved president was manifestly the most incompetent and disastrous in modern times? They blame it on the next guy.

Yes, they are doing all they can to avoid facing the fact that they did all of this … to themselves. And sometimes, the truly, deeply humiliated can only carry on through blind rage.

And now they’ve got a bunch of weak candidates and November isn’t too enticing for them. Of course, the fact that they’ll pick up any seats whatsoever is simply a disgrace, given their abysmal track record in the aftermath of the mess Republicans made of the country. And now they pretend electing Republicans again is somehow a wise idea. It’s almost too absurd to believe, but by God you can bet they’ll try making it happen. Because the health of the country was never the point, it was always about the power. Granted, a few too many Democrats are after that power too, but we’ve got an awfully large number of good ones and just need a president capable of twisting some arms. Re-balancing this country means counteracting the past thirty years of rightward swing and truly resetting the priorities of our institutions, a process barely begun.

Let’s not give up before we’ve really implemented our plans.