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This is exactly right.

Jul 09, 2010 in Politics

Obama frames the 2010 election as “Those who caused the problem vs. those trying to fix the problem.” I’d say, “Do you really want to hand the wheel back to the drunks?” but it’s the same idea. Obama and the Democrats came into office with a massive sweep, and the only Republican response was to double and triple down, take use of what they had, the 40 lock-step goons who call themselves Senators, and abuse it like heroin. Obstruction without construction. Scream in fear at simple, common-sense ideas and many smart ones, babble about Hitler and fascism, and completely step out of the process of fixing anything.

The GOP reign of the 00’s was a disaster for this country. Taxes were lowered, deregulation was the order of the day, but business collapsed and needed a taxpayer bailout. The entire economic philosophy of the right was laid bare, fundamentally condemned by harsh reality.

The new meme is “Obama is anti-business.” As Paul Krugman deftly lays bare, this is simply usual for business. They’ve made out handsomely the past two years, but their always against taxes that shave a few millions off their bonuses, and they’re always against regulations. Curiously, they’re always for a bailout too.

After all, they aren’t hurting after the largest economic collapse since the Depression. Everything went awesomely for the country’s richest, so why change anything? Republicans can try running for office on the promise that they’ll give us MORE deregulation and MORE tax cuts for the wealthiest, but not too many people can really be fooled by that, because it’s so obviously more of the same. More of what ruined us.

The election is a no-brainer. The GOP has already hamstrung the Democrats too often, resulting in a stimulus too weak to juice the economy as much as the experts who saw this coming predicted was necessary, a health care plan that won’t be able to save taxpayers over a hundred billion with a public option, and slow growth on the green economy. Infrastructure is still crumbling. Teachers, cops, and firefighters are facing budget cuts. Libraries are open less. People for whom no job even exists are told they’re lazy and lose unemployment benefits. Forget welfare to work, it’s just no welfare and no work.

Great vision, Republicans.

Really, we’re going to hand the drunks the keys again?