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Watching Fox

Jul 24, 2010 in Politics

Ann Coulter on Afghanistan: “Who cares about the Afghans? This is a typical Democrat war!”

Whew. Well, they became fiscal hawks the second Bush left, and now they don’t give a damn about nation building in the Middle East. Of course, Obama put more chips on Afghanistan, but if Bush had done the same we would be FIGHTING TO WIN!

Coulter wants to hang Afghanistan on Obama’s neck with all her malformed heart. Democrats already hate the war, and she knows that turning the GOP against it will mean more political bleeding.

At the same time, Republicans want to keep a few cards up their sleeves for when Obama pulls out so they can call him weak. So I see them letting Coulter vent and drain public confidence, but waiting to pounce anyway.

Like Coulter, they really don’t care what happens there. Like every other issue, they have no interest in the outcome, except for what can benefit Republicans.