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Language follies

Jul 25, 2010 in Politics

From the NYT:

In recent days, fiscal conservatives like Senators Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Evan Bayh of Indiana expressed support for extending the tax cuts at all income levels, at least temporarily.

“Fiscal conservatives,” were it to mean people who were actually fiscally conservative, would not support giving rich people more of the tax cut that already helped propel us into deficit spending.

The veil has been lifted on this sham. When it comes to the poor and middle class, every dollar in assistance is fought for tooth and nail, in the name of the deficit. But when it comes to the rich, no expense is too much. All reason flies out the window, because the rich is who Republicans and too many idiot Democrats serve. A billion to billionaires is money well spent, while a billion that would help thousands avoid devastation is fraudulent waste.

Yes, these clowns would perpetuate the tax cuts for the lower and middle class, but that’s just the lube to help the screwing, a trinket for the dirty masses that calms them down while the rich claim the real prize. Obama always said he only wanted to keep the tax cuts for most Americans, and that hasn’t calmed “fiscal conservatives” at all.

I wish the librul NYT would just stop making up these terms for Republicans and like-minded Democrats. Bill Clinton had the most fiscally conservative administration in decades and none of them cared.

Part of being fiscally conservative is being willing to pay your bills. The Bush tax cuts were a fantasy that yielded nothing and, along with the other Republican fantasy of deregulation, led us straight into our current quagmire.

But as we learned about the NYT, it always knows when to defer to power and instill Newspeak when necessary. Torture wasn’t torture when Bush did it, and now continuing the policies of the most fiscally irresponsible President in history (who else could we possibly say compared?) is “fiscally conservative.” They know who they serve.