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Boehner knows how to kill the audience.

Jul 31, 2010 in Economy, Politics

Boehner pretends he had nothing to do with the Bush tax cuts expiring, room full of people who know he worked on them in committee bursts into laughter. I love that joke!

Oh, but they’re not the Bush tax cuts anymore:

In the meantime, Boehner is also urging Republicans to stop referring to the Bush tax cuts as the Bush tax cuts. GOP members are supposed to fight for the failed former president’s tax policy, but avoid using the failed former president’s name.

Yeah, calling them the Bush tax cuts might remind people of the guy who rode the economy into the ground and then high-tailed it.

It’s Bush tax cuts/massive deficit vs. Clinton tax rates/surplus. The country is ready, Democrats are scared, but this is an easy fight. I say let them expire entirely. If I owe $47,000, it’s time for me to start making a payment on that bastard. This is how I’ve eliminated tens of thousands of dollars in debt before, that’s something I’m fine with doing to keep the country out of the hole and to kill that damn interest payment.

We should be the ones loaning the money and profiting.