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This is how you do it.

Aug 08, 2010 in Politics

If you act afraid of such people, you give them an ounce of credit. They don’t deserve it. Rick Larsen knows that a Democrat who fights can win, and with this PalinBeckLimbaugh confection of loud fools and blowhards, they can win easy. If people see you flinch, the instincts take over, and the crazy nutsack dabblers who call themselves the Tea Party are lent credibility.

They’ve got nothing. When you understand that, how could you be afraid? And the Republicans, desperate for a re-branding, threw their arms around the teabaggers like a drunk driver given a new driver’s license across state lines. I mean, really, this is like trying to cancel the smell of shitting your pants by dousing yourself in skunk juice. Let them have the Tea Party, and let’s stick it to ’em like superglue.


Gulf deoxification from farm fertilizer worse than Deepwater Horizon oil spill?

Aug 08, 2010 in Politics

It’s like Godzilla vs. Mothra, two hulking masses of widespread destruction.

While the BP oil spill has been labeled the worst environmental catastrophe in recent U.S. history, a biofuel is contributing to a Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” the size of New Jersey that scientists say could be every bit as harmful to the gulf.

Each year, nitrogen used to fertilize corn, about a third of which is made into ethanol, leaches from Midwest croplands into the Mississippi River and out into the gulf, where the fertilizer feeds giant algae blooms. As the algae dies, it settles to the ocean floor and decays, consuming oxygen and suffocating marine life.

Known as hypoxia, the oxygen depletion kills shrimp, crabs, worms and anything else that cannot escape. The dead zone has doubled since the 1980s and is expected this year to grow as large as 8,500 square miles and hug the Gulf Coast from Alabama to Texas.

As to which is worse, the oil spill or the hypoxia, “it’s a really tough call,” said Nathaniel Ostrom, a zoologist at Michigan State University. “There’s no real answer to that question.”

Of course, worrying about the Gulf of Mexico becoming the Dead Sea is a sure sign of a diseased librul commie mindset.