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Allowing gay marriage is not an “attack” on straight marriage.

Aug 09, 2010 in teh gay

That’s the trick, of course, turning a restriction on gays into a “defense” of heterosexual marriage. The problem is that actual liberty doesn’t work that way.

You are free to tell your children that the earth was created 6,000 years ago and that they must not eat shell-fish or mix fabrics and that gay people are condemned to hell. You are free to preach this from the rooftops. You can encourage your children, even the gay ones, to marry opposite-sex wives and husbands; you can disseminate information that stigmatizes gays; etc etc. But you cannot disenfranchise your fellow citizens in a civil institution because of your religious beliefs.


The Constitution isn’t a tribalist document.

Aug 09, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives, Stupidity, teh gay

And thus tribalists have problems with it. The same crowd that can’t handle gays or Scary Black People doesn’t want mosques. Anywhere.

Well, there’s this thing about religious freedom in this country, but that only matters when it benefits this crowd. They’re tribalists. If they don’t like the religion, religious liberty doesn’t matter. If atheists were protesting the building of a church or a synagogue, the same people would be falling out of their chairs in outrage and FOX would crank that shit up to 11.

Their attitude towards gays is much the same. Arguments that they wouldn’t dare apply toward themselves suddenly sound valid to them when it’s the dreaded “other.” David Boies dismantles Tony Perkins with reason in the following clip. By the end, Perkins can do nothing but sputter about tradition and the voters, two classic fallacious arguments.

As Ted Olson brilliantly puts it, how would Chris Wallace, who shamelessly argues the anti-gay side, like it if Fox News’ free speech rights were taken away by a majority vote?

Of course, voters repudiated Bush and the Republicans by tossing them out in two consecutive elections, and that didn’t seem to mean much to them. Democracy matters except when it doesn’t, the Constitution matters except when it doesn’t, and hell, the Bible matters except when it doesn’t. They’re tribalists. The Bible offers some verses that align with anti-gay bigotry, so those verses matter most. The verses that suggest deeper truths to those who see gays as a merit of Creation, as a feature not a bug, don’t matter. And gay Christians, fuggeddabouddit!

This is a free country, and it is not so just for Tony Perkins. There is no rational basis for denying gay Americans their right to marry. There is no Constitutional basis. Freedom means nothing if it’s the privilege of special groups. Love thy neighbor, Tony. It’s not just a political slogan.