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Full disclosure.

Aug 23, 2010 in Politics

If we made a dollar off this site I’d die of shock. Time for our friends at CPST to make the same declaration, since GOP bloggers like praising for peanuts.

Of course, the rich part about the right-o-sphere is that you can get people to actually believe the shit that corporations say and mouth it themselves almost religiously. Why ruin the fun with paying them?

Then again I suspect most wingers tend to be cynics who talk for effect rather than seeking the truth. Hey, if people want to be junior think-tank members, go for it, but put it out in the open.

On that note, I’d love to be able to disclose that I receive $10K a year to espouse my views. I’d disclose the hell out of it, so who’s going to be my lucky benefactor?



Aug 23, 2010 in Politics


It’s true that some strains of Tea Partyism seem libertarian, but mostly it’s just standard-issue GOP rhetoric, pushing tax cuts and unspecified spending cuts while in practice asking government to keep its hands off their Medicare, their farm subsidies, and certainly their defense contracts.

Those concerned with actually running the country have one option in November. Tea Partiers supporting unlimited secret corporate cash steering elections? It’s a joke, it’s always been a joke…I may give them a chance in the future of evolving into something sane, but right now, they’re straight up bat-shit nuts and a bit lacking in intellectual honesty.


Thanks for your patience.

Aug 23, 2010 in Economy, Politics

I was visiting family the last ten days, surely breaking a new record for weight gain during a visit. I started to feel the lure of becoming a giant fatso, wondering how easily I could move my weight around with another 50 lbs added. Ultimately I decided against it and to hunker down and adopt a lean lifestyle for the time being. My musculature has already taken a hit this past year, and I’ve tempted fate too much.

We must sustain ourselves, you see. And so I have to admit that while I am a committed libertarian socialist who believes in strong safety nets, I’ve encountered too many early retirees for my comfort, and it’s caused me to wonder why exactly it’s so important that we allow people to stop working in their fifties, when they’re easily at the peak of their professional wisdom and form. A fifty-five old politician is considered a young scrub, but a fifty-five year old can’t handle a white collar job? Yeah, moments like those are where I detour slightly from the dogmatic path.

Everything is about balance. To me, the question of safety nets is already well established social policy that sustains our populace’s total well-being. Retirement, with some planning, is an important social institution, one without which I believe our nation would harbor a great mass of suffering, and much less character. But then there is the line. The inevitable setting of pen to paper, where it comes down to picking numbers.

And I say this to the police. You want a pension? Stay on a case. Do cold case files for your fishing money. Test rape kits, thousands of which sit around in backlog. You can help when you’re old, and the country needs your help. When crime is over, I’ll listen to the sob stories. So yeah, sixty-five for cops too.

The moral case aside, it’s terrible for our finances too.