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The sickly corruption of Beltway-itis.

Aug 25, 2010 in Beltway-itis, Journamalism

Mark Halperin practically invented it. Go ahead and read the link if you want to find out why President Obama is wrong to point out that Republicans want to target Social Security. Short version: It’ll make Republicans grumpy and unlikely to compromise.

Okay, Halperin, you asshole. What explains the past two years of record-breaking obstructionism after Obama came at the Republicans with nothing but olive branches and premature compromises? After two years of “OBAMA IS TEH SOCIALIST DICTATOR!” Obama has to watch out for hurting their feelings by describing their dream policies accurately?

You can go ahead and read it to see where Halperin points out Obama is wrong on the facts. You won’t find anything. Just the insistence that Obama hunker down and smile while Republicans kick his teeth in.


Overlooked British ladies of the Nineties.

Aug 25, 2010 in Music, We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

Because I must.

Cerys Mathews of Catatonia, who ate, smoked, and drank like a real woman, 1998:

Justine Frischman of Elastica, who famously dated both Brett Anderson and Damon Albarn, 1995:

Sonya Aurora Madan of Echobelly, who was lovely and very nice when I met her, 1995:

Had some other ideas, but, y’know how important it is for obscure artists to keep their videos out of the public eye.


Damn you liberal media!

Aug 25, 2010 in Politics

So it’s been wall-to-wall coverage of the “mosque”/coat factory/basketball court outrage for well over a week now and I’m wondering how that jibes with the reflexive claims of the LIBRULLAMESTREAMMEDIA. The short answer is that it doesn’t because “liberal media” is simply a truncheon that’s wielded against those that dare deviate from the expected narrative. If supposed liberal journo-lists weren’t so terrified of these dimwits they’d be asking why the right wing has so quickly eschewed their holiest of golden calves: private property. It’s easy to understand why freedom of religion is thrown out the window because these guys routinely wipe their ass with The Constitution whenever it suits them but the theology of Free Market Capitalism is different. It holds a special place in their hearts because it’s the truss they’ve hung all of their crackpot Obama=Karl Marx theories on. So considering that people who actually live there don’t care that the Cordoba House is built and that it’s their legal and Constitutional right to build there is it safe to assume that these people have absolutely no principles beyond obvious bigotry? But, as HW pointed out to me, you can barely stop these assholes from erecting crosses on public property so how is any of this surprising? After all, they just want “their” country back, right?

I think the recent spate of anti-Muslim bigotry is similar to the anti-government protests in the sense that it’s an outcry from the segment of the American population that can’t cope with democracy. A non-member of their tribe got elected president so now all of a sudden deficit spending is ruinous, the president is a usurper from Kenya and basic Keynesianism = Jews in the ovens. It could also be the last frontier of bigotry in this country since it is no longer acceptable for white people to call blacks niggers; a fact that infuriates many especially, as Doc Laura recently demonstrated, when blacks refer to each other by that handle. Why? Because it’s one of the last things that the white man desperately wants but cannot have.

Tribalism, still a forefront issue.

Aug 25, 2010 in Islam, Religion

That’s what the enmity towards Muslims in America today is. Tribalism. You have an Us, and a Them, and the rest is literally human history.

Except for the part where America was founded in the vision of radical Enlightenment thinkers who challenged all previous dogmas and created a new one with the highest democratic ideals. First and foremost was the ordainment of a country with freedom of speech, and thereby the freedom of religion. Any person who was born in this country or sworn in as a citizen is presumed to be an equal entity of whom innocence is first presumed.

This entire argument is an insult to all Muslim Americans, of course, but it should be an outrage to any U.S. citizen concerned about our Constitutional rights. I’ve been to too many of Ali’s huge family get-togethers, and seriously, those folks are about the good life like anybody else. Kindness and humility are the order of things. Whites, blacks and Hispanics also attend. In all the years, I’ve had one civil friendly conversation on the importance of modernizing Islam. And this was the perspective of the Muslim gentlemen whom I was mostly listening to. The rest of the time it’s, “How are you? How are your kids? What have you been doing that is fun? How’s the weather?” It’s plain bread, baby.

That’s how I see the Muslim center in NYC. It’s vanilla ice cream to me.

Don’t get me wrong. Like most organized religions, I find the fundamentalist version to be fundamentally incredulous and problematic. Yet I choose to back the Modern Muslims, who represent most of the Muslim population in America today. They’re your neighbors and co-workers, folks. You should be so lucky to know many of them.

If one pits themselves against Islam, then one will find a bundled stick. This isn’t really rocket science. If our country chooses to target individuals based on evidence of guilt, then we can break one branch at a time.

And the other branches will, in Ent-like manner, help us.

We simply must elevate our way of thinking, and understand what really is right here, and what is wrong. We must be better than our enemies. We must not seek to punish and castigate the innocent for simply being different, and there’s no cause more American than that.