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Why we fight…blah blah blah…

Aug 26, 2010 in Politics

Saudi couple “hammer 24 nails” into Sri Lankan maid

I wonder if she’ll get on the cover of Time?

Step right up, folks!!!

Aug 26, 2010 in Politics

Glenn Beck, the right wing’s favorite Krispy Kreme donut, has a brand spanking new venture hot on the heels of the blow-out successes of the 9-12 Project and We Surround Them (remember those?); Operation Restoring Honor. If the name sounds familiar it’s because the word “honor” has become a fashionable intangible quality right wingers enjoy accusing their hated nemeses on the left of lacking whenever they’re out of ideas. The same goes for their choice in time and location for holding their rally. Tea-partiers are the new Freedom Riders, dontcha know, so the message is the usual “we want our country back”, victimization horseshit and the only people that will show up are the lily-white, placard wielding brigades that would otherwise be at home forwarding crackpot email conspiracies through their AOL dial-up accounts. A group of people who never seem to find it suspicious that their right-wing media stars always have a new book or money-making scheme to sell them.


PS – Extra points for whoever spots the first tea-bagger with a television camera in their face complaining about how they’re completely ignored and scorned by the media.