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Just a friendly reminder.

Sep 03, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives

Republicans still love Bush.

They love him, they love his policies, they wish it had never ended. They didn’t learn a thing in 2006, they didn’t learn a thing in 2008, they just think they got robbed by the librul media. They would bring him back in an instant, and if they could find a way to pretend Bush had been right about anything, they’d be throwing parades in his honor and trying to put him on Mt. Rushmore.

It seems axiomatic that everybody’s forgotten just how awesome Republicans thought Bush was during his reign, how perfectly he embodied who they said they were.


Obama is more of a Christian than Glenn Beck.

Sep 03, 2010 in Christian Right, Clueless Conservatives

Ways to kill a room full of babbling rightwingers saying Obama isn’t Christian: Point out that Glenn Beck’s Mormon Space-Jesus-who-hung-out-with-Jewish-Indians-as-told-by-con-man-Joseph-Smith is barely “Christian” itself.

Mormons are about as goofy as Scientologists, it’s just that they aren’t running an blatant scheme to get every last dollar out of your pocket. But they’re willing to work with Catholics and Protestants for causes like hating the gays and controlling wombs. So they get the pass. If you’re liberal and Christian, no matter how much more closely you may actually hew to the words of Jesus, you’re suspect. Obama doesn’t run around waving a Bible or getting into wars because God told him to, so he’d already be suspect, but add the opportunity to suspect he’s Muslim too (even if it’s via an absentee atheist father) and the rabid right simply can’t control themselves.

Sadly, what we’ve lost is respect for the Constitution here, which requires that no religious test be required for office. That shouldn’t just be a technicality, it should inform our entire understanding of public office holders. It shouldn’t matter if they’re Mormon, Scientologist, Catholic, Wiccan, Jewish, Atheist, or Muslim, or any other particular variety of creed. But our discourse is ruled by a pack of wild hyenas who babble about the Constitution out one side of their mouth while shitting all over it the second it stands in the way of their tribalist mania.