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Sep 13, 2010 in Election crap, Politics

If he were a Republican, Republicans would never shut up about how he saved America. Democrats, get your shit together. BTW, I loved this piece: Fighting liberals have nothing to fear in November.


Mike Thayer of the Coralville Courier is a chickenshit.

Sep 13, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives

All comments are moderated? The last one I left didn’t make it. (UPDATE: Most recent one actually got 80% chopped off!!! Subsequent complaining comment has yet to appear…)

Now I’ll always hand it to Dana over at CSPT that he damn near won’t block anybody, even though blubonnet deserves it (we can’t quite bring ourselves to do it either, but I’m considering striking a deal with Dana that we both do it in bipartisan fashion). Most rightwingers can only function in propaganda mode, and will quickly squelch a liberal who comes in kicking ass. Of course, when their revered leader Rush Limbaugh has built his career on preventing anybody from truly challenging him, it’s hard to expect the bottom-feeders to do much better.

My experience is that ten times out of ten a ranting rightwinger can be cornered and demolished via intellectually honest reasoning, so it’s kind of a knee-jerk self-defense mechanism for them to essentially function in propaganda mode. They’re usually there to just talk at you and repeat their soundbites over and over again like a mating call. They’re not trying to debate, they’re trying to find other believers so they can get together and cry over how mean liberals are with their elitist facts-and-logic stuff.

A guy like Thayer, a true bottom-feeder if there ever was one, regularly gets humiliated here at Iowa Liberal, where he can’t turn us off (as most any cocky rightwinger finds out soon enough). We, on the other hand, feel no threat whatsoever. In fact, our biggest problem is that while we know we have a lot of readers, we make it so excruciatingly difficult for wingers that they usually scamper off and don’t come around again. This is not a place where they can freely disseminate propaganda, so it offers little attraction for them. Why stay here and get beat up when they can congregate with like minds elsewhere?

Hell, even when we do waltz over to CPST and start drilling into pontificating fools like DNW, one starts seeing comments of shock and alarm that liberals are ruining the party.

Well, yeah. Sorry, guys, but you’re doing your best to ruin the country spouting piles of bullshit, and it’s got to be reckoned with sometimes. I know it makes righties extra angry when a liberal fights back, but that’s only because a fighting liberal is a huge threat to them. And a coward like Thayer knows it.