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Elizabeth Warren nomination can just about make up for Geithner and Summers.

Sep 15, 2010 in Barack Obama, Outstanding Democrats

It wasn’t necessary to have to wait this long to get a real voice for the people into a high-ranking position, but I do love that rope-a-dope game Obama plays. I suspected he would get strategic in September and October, and this seems to be yet another indication that he’s getting it. Progressives, you have Elizabeth Warren to set your hearts afire for November.

Along with the recent aid bill for small businesses…astoundingly voted against by 37 of 41 Republican Senators (or not so astoundingly, if you remember that all they care about is trying to stop Obama from getting popular victories), and the previous jobs bill saving teachers, firefighters and cops, Obama is on a roll. If he plans on keeping this up through October, then I’m frankly frickin’ ecstatic with anticipation.


p.s. And how disgraceful an end to Chris Dodd’s Senate career that he exits having tried to oppose Warren at every step.