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Oct 02, 2010 in Barack Obama, Election crap, Politics

It’s building. While people have had their fun looking at the trainwreck Tea Party candidates, the thought that they could actually get into office and tear down or freeze in its tracks all the progress Democrats hoped for in 2008 and earned since is getting people out of their chairs. As one billboard said, “I want my country back from Glenn Beck!” Of course, the media never finds liberals as sexy as crazy hopped-up rightwingers, so this event is getting minimal coverage. How many magazine covers has Glenn Greenwald appeared on this year vs. Sarah Palin?

Also, if you missed it, this speech from Obama is pretty goddamn spectacular.

Yeah, it’s not perfect, but you can only critique the man from the left. All Republican complaints about Obama are contrived shite they don’t even believe, and he kicks their asses so swiftly and surely it’s no wonder they hate him so.