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I’m shocked, SHOCKED.

Oct 22, 2010 in Clueless Conservatives, Racism

People who couldn’t see Helen Thomas or Rick Sanchez fired quickly enough are now screaming about free speech when Juan Williams gets fired.

Self-awareness is a liberal plot.

For the record, all three made statements that are somewhat defensible as rough yet honest talk among contentious Americans, but when you work for CNN or NPR, you should know you’re expected to be pretty lukewarm. What was especially admirable was NPR applying the same standard to anti-Muslim bigotry. Of course, at FOX that gets you a raise.

But don’t call them racist!

The person who really got screwed this last year was Octavia Nasr:

I wondered if these online pundits expressed similar outrage at CNN’s firing of Middle East editor Octavia Nasr for an offense that didn’t even occur on a major news outlet. CNN’s reason for terminating Nasr in July was for a now-deleted tweet that merely expressed sadness for the death of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a beloved Muslim leader in the Middle East whose death was mourned even by our own allies. Because Fadlallah had been reported to be a “spiritual leader”of Hezbollah by some sources, neo-conservatives accused Nasr of being a terrorist sympathizer despite the fact that her tweet didn’t include any support for Hezbollah actions or policies.

So how did conservative bloggers’ coverage of Nasr’s firing compare to Williams’? The conservative Hot Air said today that an “NPR opinion journalist had better not admit to having a normal human reaction about potential for terrorism nine years after 3,000 Americans got killed by radical Muslims on commercial air flights, or else.” This was, the blogger said, “an object lesson about the range of opinion tolerated by management.” But with the Nasr firing, this same blog asked whether “after having outed herself as a Hezbollah sympathizer,” CNN owed “its viewers and readers a complete accounting of their coverage in the Middle East and a complete explanation of Nasr’s role in it?”

There’s plenty more in the article, but will you be surprised by any of it? Yes, they try using NPR’s government funding against it, somehow, but that gets swatted down with facts. Go read it anyway, I’m just saying: Anybody could have seen this coming.