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It’s funny how…

Nov 01, 2010 in Election crap

…this election is historically supposed to go this way, following a trend going back to the mid-nineteenth century, but nobody can really take that to heart. Me included. Because this election has been a shell game. The Republicans started campaigning on Jan. 20th, 2009, and couldn’t wait to pin the economy on Obama. Absolutely every single thing he did to help the country was derided simply for being government action.

I mean, you can see here the genuine conservative position before the stimulus:

I honestly think — and remember, I’m in the construction industry — that we’d probably be better off doing absolutely nothing. Let the economy adjust, as the economic actors in the United States take their individual economic decisions concerning what’s right for them. There will be pain, but the economy will recover.

So the Republicans made their position fairly clear: Since doing anything is bad, everything Obama does is bad. Now all we have to look forward to is them stepping into the House and doing nothing. Well, nothing except issue subpoenas for witch-hunts and spend two more years trying to fight anything and everything President Obama and the Democrats, all legitimately elected and likely to still control the Senate, want to do.

But in some little way, I kind of wish Dana had gotten what he wanted the past two years: Nothing. “There will be pain, but the economy will recover.” Would it have recovered by Nov. 2nd, 2010? It would be so amazing to be able to watch these two little competing versions of pre-history play out. I bemoan that the world was not able to watch the Republican wipeout in all its glory.

But so we have it. Obama and the Democrats did most everything they could to undo the damage of the Bush years, and have been pinned with the blame for not delivering a full recovery in two years. Or it didn’t matter and the Republicans were going to gain seats in 2010 regardless of what happened. Either way, onwards we go…


One more day of deficits mattering.

Nov 01, 2010 in Politics

Come tomorrow the Tea Party “phenomenon” will become the biggest nothing in American political history once it becomes obvious to everyone what detractors have been saying all along; that for all the talk about deficits and lamenting the specter of Big Government, Tea Partiers have absolutely no intention of holding their elected representatives accountable to their stated principles if it impacts their easy-flow, Medicare lifestyles. Once the pork starts flowing back into the pockets of Republican Party constituents the mad-as-hell contingent will go back to feeding at the Bonanza buffet line.