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Jan 03, 2011 in Politics

Well, if our posts are reduced in frequency because I’m usually holding a very energetic 7-week old boy, I should throw readers a bone and do a little baby bloggin…

He does a bit of talking the first minute and a half, little vocalizations. I pretty much turned everybody off my Facebook feed with all the pictures I’ve put up, so I won’t overdo it here.


Okay, so he’s no Trey Parker or Matt Stone.

Jan 03, 2011 in Where's the outrage?!?!

Okay, if an XO on a ship out to sea wants to spend his free time making juvenile and boorish comedy videos, I really don’t think this should be an big issue. It should, perhaps, inspire a review just to make sure he is actually performing his job, and certainly an administrative swat from above. If he can pass a white glove test on the job, that’s where he should stay. Perhaps on that South Pole route, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it…


On the other hand…

Jan 03, 2011 in Environment

I like to believe we’ve got a decent shot at creating a sustainable world civilization that can perpetuate for many hundreds of thousands of years.

Sometimes, and this brings me deep regret to ponder it, I wonder how on earth we’re going to make it through the next ten. Well, outside of turning into a Road Warrior-like society. And what’s got me more worried than a super-virus?

The damn bees dying. What stunning foolishness will it look like to the surviving world after 90% of the world’s food supply is rendered sterile? I just had a child, and although I would not like to believe I brought him into a world that will be wrought by devastation, Nature really doesn’t give a rat’s ass what my dreams are. If there’s not enough food, both the good and the wrong will starve alike.

I suppose I’ll have to stick this fear in the back of my mind for now, but while we’re on the subject of George Will’s desire for more science funding (previous blog post), some R&D on post-bee agriculture might be prudent. I mean, not to be all Communist or anything, but preventing the destruction of our food cycle is one of the government’s top priorities.


Marxist Uprising update

Jan 03, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives

George Will says we need to increase spending on scientific research and development.

Research, including in the biological sciences, that yields epoch-making advances requires time horizons that often are impossible for businesses, with their inescapable attention to quarterly results.

George Will just suggested the government can do some things better than corporations, and that they can improve the country and improve its fortunes to boot! Communists also wear bow ties, I guess.


It’s hilarious that it’s even a question.

Jan 03, 2011 in Deficit, Journamalism

Washington Post starting to taste reality?

Are House Republicans serious about dealing with the deficit?

When was it established that they were ever serious?

Now they’ve used their political clout from the legendary victory of 2010 to blow a trillion dollar hole in the deficit and have proudly announced their intention to completely de-link tax cuts from deficit calculations.

Y’know, Wal-Mart lowers their prices because it gets more butts in the store. When the government effectively lowers its prices, and says you can have all this wonderful infrastructure and aid, not to mention the world’s largest military complex (in order to play global chess) for less, people will get their butts in that government store. By telling people that if they want a program, they’re going to have to pay taxes for it, I’m being responsible. By telling people they don’t have to pay taxes for anything, and they swear to get around to making some cuts in the future, the Republicans pulled off quite a con job in 2010.

If it appears they weren’t able to foresee a single thing past Election Day, your eyes aren’t lying.

That said, I expect the press to spend the next two years still asking themselves this question. There are narratives to consider, you know.