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The constant trainwreck resumes.

Jan 07, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Constitution, Politics

The 2010 election is a story that remains to be told. We’ve always maintained that the rhetoric of the past two years was a mishmash of unserious mumbo jumbo and crack junkie promises from a defunct and bankrupt party that has lost sight of how to govern and thrives on resentment and paranoia. Not to mention they just cannot stop fibbing, fabricating, and fudging the facts. So what happens when such a group arrives in power?

-The paltry promise to cut $100 billion is already shoved aside.

-They want tax cuts to not be counted as contributing to the deficit, Reaganism by fiat instead of results.

-Two House Republicans missed their swearing in because they were at a fundraiser, thus violating the Constitution when they voted.

-$1 million was blown so the Constitution could be read aloud, excerpting all the nasty parts about blacks being 3/5 a person, etc.

-The repeal of the Affordable Care Act is being tossed out there with no alternatives, and no response to the devastating CBO news that it would cost $100-200 billion to repeal except to attack the CBO. Yeah, because Republican numbers are always so much more trustworthy…(Comprehensive rebuttal here, but do we need to even bother anymore wondering if Republicans are getting their facts straight?)

-Paul Ryan, supposed champ of fiscal responsibility, has blown it and proven that he doesn’t really have any plans whatsoever.

-Republicans block amendment that would require members of Congress, public employees, to disclose their health care benefits. Democrats voted for it, Republicans against. So Republicans want to keep tens of millions of Americans from getting health insurance while keeping it mum that they get government health care.

-Darrell Issa is walking back his stupid claim that the Obama administration was teh most corrupt evah. It’s funny how you go on Rush Limbaugh’s show and you can’t help but join in with the lying bullshit, no?

-Bawl-baby Boehner can’t name his budget cuts in a Brian Williams interview.

Should be a good two years. At least they convinced the public to give them another chance in 2010 instead of 2012.