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Didn’t really care.

Jan 27, 2011 in Disappointing Dems

Would have suited me just fine if Rahm Emanuel got booted off the ticket in Chicago. Politicians should generally actually live where they’re getting elected. Some say it allows us to have more good choices for leadership. On the other hand, over time the ruling class is less and less representative. And screw Rahm anyway.


The Party of Less Government Strikes Again!

Jan 27, 2011 in Politics

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

Here we go…

Jan 27, 2011 in Energy

I knew Obama was going to get a reaction for daring to mention oil subsidies. This seems like a pretty mild one so far…after all, do either the oil companies or the GOP really want to get into a fight over oil subsidies?

Perhaps, “…by naming this specific subsidy, the president put Republicans into the position of having to be overt in defending their masters in something unpopular with most Americans, or come up with another way to handle investments in the clean energy sectors.”

It’s rather amazing how elementary it seems that we need to invest in clean renewable energy, and that at the very least our efforts should certainly match oil subsidies. That would be a compromise I’d bitterly swallow. But when funds are getting tight, it makes perfect sense to shift our dollars from yesterday’s power source to tomorrow’s.