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Feb 26, 2011 in Politics

Republicans are having trouble manufacturing a poll showing that they’re on the side of the people. See here and here.

A key component of strike breaking is using the press to disseminate anti-democratic propaganda. For instance, Koch Industries can’t go on the airwaves in Wisconsin and start detailing their hatred for workplace representation because it’d be so obvious that it would be public relations suicide. The favored method is to produce a poll or press release carefully constructed by a third party client and release it to the local media who will dutifully report what is given to them thereby giving the message the patina of authenticity. It’s a standard media trick. The problem in the case of Wisconsin is that the polls didn’t reflect the intended message that Real Americans were against the agitators and “union thugs”. Quite the contrary, “Real Americans” don’t share the same reflexive hatred for workplace democracy as elites. And when one considers the immense amount of propaganda dedicated to convincing people that they have no rights as workers it’s a remarkable achievement.