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Libya flipside.

Mar 20, 2011 in Politics

Been reading Andrew Sullivan going apeshit over Libya and considering how much I got right in my previous post.

To me, Obama displayed patience and waited for the UN to take the lead. We are now contributing forces to an international effort to prevent a murderous tyrant from wiping out a rebellion. We’ve been promised that it will be a limited effort that involves no troops.

Andrew’s primary concern seems to this: what if we fail? Is President Obama actually prepared to stop without a spectacular victory?

Well, doing a gut check, I don’t know. Obama can let a motherfucker down at times, and has only intermittently showed courage against the warmongers. One would think that he understands that a faction on the right will demand nothing less that war, war, and more war. These are people who essentially desire turning the entire Middle East into a U.S. territory. Yet Obama’s been unable to resist much of their rhetoric on rendition, surveillance, endless detention, etc. So yes, he may screw it up.

But he hasn’t yet. It seems too quick to pass judgment on Obama while he is mostly doing the right thing because he might not do the right thing later, despite promising restraint.

That said, the Arab league already backing out after one day and bitching about collateral damage is one nasty little omen. Hillary Clinton’s going to need some aloe vera for that burn…