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Behind every free-market lovin’ conservative there lurks a socialist.

Apr 15, 2011 in Politics

Free markets for thee but not for me:

We all know that Paul Ryan worships at the altar of Ayn Rand. We know that Ayn Rand spent years railing against collectivism and parasites who live off the state. Many are aware that Ryan collected Social Security Survivor’s benefits upon the death of his father. But do people know that when Rand was diagnosed with lung cancer, she applied for and began receiving Social Security/Medicare under her husband’s name O’Connor? (See Anne Heller’s Rand biography Ayn Rand and the World She Made.)

Surprised, anyone?

I know it’s mean to do but I recommend applying their free-market rhetoric to one of their beloved Big Government programs just to watch them squeal.


Grab the smelling salts.

Apr 15, 2011 in Politics

Obama speaks on an open mic and utters the unmentionable:

Perhaps not realizing his mic was on, Obama’s private remarks were caught by CBS correspondent Mark Knoller, who was able to listen to through a live audio feed.

“I said, ‘You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We’ll have that debate,” Obama said, describing his negotiations with Speaker John Boehner. “You’re not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we’re stupid?’”

According to CBS, Obama quoted himself as telling Boehner to “Put it in a separate bill,” adding that “if you think you can overturn my veto, try it. But don’t try to sneak this through.”

I ran across the incident on an RSS feed and did a Google blog search to see if the online devoted had gotten around to working up any significant amounts of customary outrage. I had my doubts because it is Friday, after all, and assuming that some of these people have lives it might not be worth the time for them to get exercised over what was by any rational standard a banal statement. The key word here being rational because it’s always wise to bear in mind that we’re talking about people who think that cutting funding for NPR and Planned Parenthood is going to solve our debt problems. Here are some comments from the Fox news website. Out of the hundreds you can count the ones that don’t oblige themselves to answer Obama’s rhetorical question on one hand.

Yes Mr. President we think your stupid. …

WELL, actually, YES, I think you are s t u p i d ! Andyou have e v i l eyes devoid of humanity – haven’t seen those eyes since I saw the exorcist and I was scared s h – – less.

This is so dadblasted damning to him….. I regret only 161 comments have been posted. WAIT! I know why! What could one of the thumb-sucking/blankie-rubbing/corner-sitting/typing with one finger agitators POSSIBLY SAY? …

When will my fellow Americans wake up to the reality, these people are not doing what they do because they’re morons. They do it because they are intentionally trying to destroy us.

We are like the collective in the Matrix. They stick tubes in us to feed communist China.

That’s why the Progressives have shifted ALL the economies in the world to prop up China. There are only four commie countries left, and the Progressives want to save them.

Socialists (commies) and Muslims are our sworn enemies. Not everyone that smiles at you wants to be your friend. Some are trying to get close enough to kill you. …

The answer to your question, Mr. President. YES! Keep talkng so that more Americans can see just how mean-spirited and two faced you are.

Republicans think the president is being mean to them! Well, that’s a good start at least.

Obama’s blunt assessment is a curt reminder that House Republicans under Boehner aren’t the Randian super-beings the RW media has made them out to be and like Clinton before him, the president is a formidable political opponent who isn’t afraid to dust the gloves off by shattering some glass Tea Tard jaws. How are they going to act when they’ve grappled with the fact that it’s 2011 and not one of their heroes is anxious to throw their hat into the ring? That cold reality, along with Sarah Palin’s inability to establish herself as anything beyond a rapidly aging, Red State media star, is lurking in the background and is yet to be reckoned with.


Throw’em in the clink and smelt the key.

Apr 15, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Deficit, Drugs

Hey, budget hawks, turns out all that bullshit about throwing ever more Americans behind bars, usually over the insane Drug War on America that we can never seem to find the will to truly end, costs us something dearly. But hey, we better bust up some teachers’ unions…

Not all the money spent on incarceration was wasted, but the Pew study makes it clear that we’re now beyond the point of diminishing returns. Even as the prison population has ballooned, the study states that only about a third of the drop in crime is attributable to incarceration, and notably, 19 of the states in the study that cut their prison populations also experienced a drop in crime. The recidivism rate alone doesn’t always tell the whole story, since some policies can make it look like states have developed effective policies for preventing people from reoffending when they’re really just incarcerating more people who are less likely to recidivate.


…the point here is that when ex-offenders don’t recidivate, that means they’re more likely to get jobs and be parents to their children. There is a serious negative cumulative impact created by ex-offenders being unable to find licit employment and lead productive lives, one that has a drastic effect on the poor communities in which their populations tend to be concentrated. So states have a public safety and fiscal interest in getting this right, but there’s more at stake here than just money.

Of course, the Drug War, while usually acceded to by cowardly Democrats, is and always has been driven by the very people who are so vehement about Big Government Spending. Well, seems to me that letting the government break the bank throwing people in jail for preferring kicks besides booze violates every tenet of such a belief system, but this would be, again, giving them some actual credit for meaning anything they say.


I got the Beltway-itis real bad, Poppa!

Apr 15, 2011 in Beltway-itis, Clueless Conservatives, Journamalism

Republicans shrieked in horror that President Obama was being “partisan” after he pointed out certain facts like their intent to dismantle Medicare (however hard that may be to get them to admit, you can if you press long enough or, y’know, actually spend any time hanging around Republican chat forums), and Mark Halperin, always mindful that his future seat at FOX be kept warm, leads the charge for the Beltway press to dutifully regurgitate whatever Republican strategists say. Miraculously, Obama is getting some serious street cred from a lot in the media for actually proposing a halfway sane budget solution instead of Ryan’s wet kiss to the Tea Party nutbaggers, but let’s examine, oh so briefly, the claim in dispute-

Quick cut to the Great Communicator:

… America is on the mend, but this recovery could be stopped dead in its tracks if big spenders in the Congress have their way….

Right now, House liberals are pushing a budget — the so-called liberal Democratic budget — that, if implemented, would reverse the progress we’ve made and wreck our program to rebuild the economy. They want to throw out the window much of the domestic budget savings we’ve achieved over the last 2 years. And they would go much further, seeking $181 billion in higher domestic spending over the next 5 years, excesses that would send the budget, prices, and interest rates soaring out of control and our economy into a tailspin.

To cite just one example, Medicare would be driven into bankruptcy by the failure of their budget to address its problems….

Now, how do they propose to pay for their reckless binge? Two ways: by compromising America’s defense security and by slapping massive new tax increases on every working family. Ignoring the Soviets’ tremendous advantage in military forces, the liberals would cripple our efforts to modernize America’s defenses. To put it bluntly, their budget gambles with our security and safety….

I dunno. Simply believing a single word the Republicans say puts you at risk of utterly debasing yourself, yet good people just can’t accept that and keep trying to lend them good faith. But they’re always, always, always gaming the message. Taking them at face value is simply surrendering your intelligence and choosing fear. The slightest scrutiny always, always, always sends them running.